Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hakim Ismail.

We're losing each other.
I miss you. I do. 

No more FUN,

I wish I could hang myself now and stop running all this assignment shit all alone :|
Grrr. Hunny, where are you when I need you out of the most *Hakim at lenggeng, his grandmother passed away, al-fatihah.
Anywho. I feel like killing myself now. Oh hell yeah. Assignment calling me, they doesn't want to hang out, they just don't know how to hang up rite ? Haihhs. So not, *sigh. Nak buat macam mana. Duty calling :D

List down the ass-sigh-ment for ya,
First, to finish our proposal for our next event.
Second, financial management. Zul just email it to me. I totally forgot about it :(
Third, organizational behavior. Hello article -.- I hate article.
It's only 3, three three I tell you. BUT, banyaknya kerja. Grrrr !

Because of you I have no life at all. Lamanya tak keluar :( I want to go out. Cepat la cuti !
-.- gahh. Dah gila nak cuti -..-
Qie you can't have another holiday !
Not for you. It's time to work your ass up and get that Dean. Jyeahh. No time for give up. Chill out qie. Everything's going to be just fine :D *ayat hunny.

I miss my Muhammad Nur Hakim Ismail, uwwwwaaaaa. Hmm.Kbyee.