Thursday, February 10, 2011

No WIFI -..-

Fuck fuck fcuk ! No wifi -..- WTF. I hatechu !
I'm with Dila at Mcd Melati doing Project Management from 10.00 PM just now. It's 2.20 AM already. We're so tired and sleepy.
BUT, Hakim save the day *somehow. 
I call him and say, 'Hunny, I nak overnight tonight. Wifi buat hal. PM banyak gila assignment.' You raised your voice at me. You're mad at me *kecik hati !
Kay, called you when I left the house just now, and you some sort of saying "TAK NAK TEMAN I KAT MCD". You send me a text saying 'take care I tengah buat assignment jugak ni kat rumah' -..- kay ngada kan. I know you're going to surprised me and came to Mcd Melati. Zul pecahkan rahsia you. I text zul and he said he's coming to Mcd Melati with you, you asked him to come with you. Waaaaa, a big suprised there hunnyb. Thanks . Really appreciated it. You know somehow I need you tho. We're getting apart from each other since the holiday, and I don't really like that feeling. I may got to see you each day, I may talk to you every single day. But I still miss you, every seconds, every minutes. You're not yourself lately. You have a lot of problem. But I know one thing in your heart that you will never tend to hurt me and I know you will love me always. I love you too hunnyb.