Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Morning :)

At Multimedia College now. Just finish my first class with Cik Azlina. My second class has been cancel, Cik Ain's have to attend meeting. 4 hours break. Sat at the library with Angah and Ajiem. Going to finish FM's tutorial later. Gonna lunch at 12.30 later with Angah. Meeting with my groupmates at 1.30 PM. 
My classes finish at 4.30 today, urgh. Malam nak jalan kaki balik :(

Hakim just arrived, he's freaking late for his class. 
I can't sleep last night, toss and turn until 4 AM *owl eyes this morning. 
Kay, it sucks. I'm tired but I can't sleep. -.- only god knows why. Getting restless. My body is so sore and aching. Oh you guys don't know what is like. I'm FREAKING tired :(
I wanna sleep. Can I skip my FM's class :(
Hmmm, till then