Monday, February 7, 2011


Hang out with hunny today, after 1 week separated with distance because of mid term break. 
Honestly overall I hated today. 
Started this morning, my second class is Project Management by Mr. Morgan. The way he teach us is way bored than anything else it this world. It get bored day by day. 
The day went more FLAT, dull and not fun at all. When I hang out with Hakim.
It's not because of your gloomy and problem my bunny. Noo. 
I'm just not used to all this. I tak marah you sebab you tengking I tadi, tak. Yes I memang terasa dengan you tapi later on I faham you tengah stress. 
I know you need time and space. You should tell me if tak nak jumpa. Sorry if tadi I diam je, I bukan diam sebab you tengking I. Tak la. I diam sebab I tak tau nak cakap apa, I rather silent speaks between us than I cakap benda yang tak patut I cakap. Cause I'm not in your shoes. So, I tak boleh cakap yang I faham your situation cause I will never understand your pain. I know it's pretty hard to be a guy, with those commitment. I know this is super hard for you. Hold on tight hunny. You can pull everything thru, you always does. 
I'll be by your side, to hear you whine, cry, talk or mad anything you wanna do. I'll be here. If you feel like scolding someone and you don't know who to scold, come to me. I'll be that person. The person who wanted to be scold by you. I tak kisah you nak marah I. Rather than you marah budak budak lain. I'll take that pain. I'm willing too. *you may say, I'm insane. H'hmm. Ignoring and buat bodoh dengan your problem that thing make me look insane. Girlfriend apa yang tak mampu nak terima buruk baik you ? I can be that person. Tapi jangan tanya la kenapa I senyap je. I telan je you nak marah I, tengking I ke apa ke. I tak kisah. 

I know how you feel when you scold me, you feel guilty cause out of no where you tengking I kan. Yea, I terasa sangat. Terkejut sangat. Tapi tak pe la. You don't have to say that you're sorry banyak banyak hunny. I faham. I bukan tak nak cakap. I takut dengan you. That all. 
Hunny, whoever you are. I terima you 120% ingat dulu you cakap apa dekat I. I take you as who you are hunny. That's it. I love you Muhammad Nur Hakim Ismail :)

Naise rite ?

For all Iphone, Ipad and Itouch user. You know you should try this. This is so cool, and so naise ! I loveee it :)

*Kay it's 12.35 AM, I can't sleep at all. 

Bored without Hakim. He's watching football. Chelsea and Liverpool night tonight.