Saturday, February 5, 2011

Look At HIM

This charming little boy. Dah besar mesti handsome gila macam Ammar. Alololololo. Look at him. SO adorable. 
You're so lucky rayyan. Semua sayang you. Never really got a chance to see you. Tapi tengok gambar you pun dah boleh buat orang happy.

This little charming prince is Nadzirah Zaidi's little brother. Dah nak 1 tahun dah rayyan baby. SHO SHWEET. Nak je gigit. I wanna bite bite :*

This is Rayyan's big sister. ohh rayyan. You are so lucky to have her as you're sister. 
I miss you babes *hugs

Zeemelodia :)

Listen babe's

Hakim :) 
for you
No matter where you go, I won't be very far
Cause in my head I'll be right there where you are
Cause love has no distance baby
Love, love has no distance baby
No, not when it comes to you and me

Good Morning, AGAIN :)

Hey ya peeps :)
Good morning again, for me. I slept at 7 AM this morning. Wok up at 1.00 PM. Heard my mum screaming my name from downstairs. So woke up when straight to the shower. Bath and got out 15 minutes after that. Went downstairs and my mum like "Dah mandi, jom teman beli daging -.- double :/" Mak ni saje je kan. So yeah pakai baju and stuff. Went out with my mum to buy daging to cook spaghetti and buy jambu for breakfast :D
Came home, prepared the things to cook spaghetti and I help my mum.

Text hunny, tak dapat :'( so go on facebook *dah agak dah dia mesti online main game. So wall him to on the phone. I called him and tanya and stuff and he like marah and naik suara. OKAY. Didn't mean to bebel at you k hunn. K. i love you boy. *hugs


Good Morning my precious. Teehee
I haven't sleep yet. I repeat. I haven't sleep yet -.-
Owl eyes baby :D

It's 6.30 AM. I don't know what to do. Insyallah. Few selawat boleh buat tidur. Before go to sleep, basuh kaki dulu :D
Again, good morning peeps. It's time for you to wake up. It's time for me to sleep :D

4.20 AM

It's 4.20 AM. I can't sleep. My body is so sore and with all the pain. But still I can't sleep. I don't know why. So decided to finish my Project Management's paperwork. Hopefully I finish it by tomorrow. Not gonna sleep la tonight. Only few hours till morning. I have chores to do at 10 PM. Folding baju baju yang tak dilipat. Always, memang kerja I. Permanent maa. Hehhe, whateve's. So, gonna write soon IF I manage to finish it early. 

Insyallah :)

After putting this picture as my DP. I got it a lot of compliment from my G's and B's :)

My DP's comments :D

Thanks you guys. Really do appreciated it.
Insyallah. In god will. It will happens one day.

My status and Nana :) 
Thanks for the supports babe. I won't let you guys down :D Insyallah.

Thanks babe

Hakim memang sentiasa sayang I. Sampai bila bila hunny <3

I won't let you guys down. Insyallah. One day my dearest :D

Happy Birthday :)

It's my uncle's birthday last month. On the 31 January 2011. He's turning 50 I guess -.- *lupa.
So, tomorrow I'm going to his small gathering.
My aunty's called just now to invite us to my uncle's and her daughter's birthday party.

My mum like super surprise, this is so last minute. She asked me "Nak bawak apa esok ?". So we're like. Cupcakes or cakes *so damn excited about the cuppy cakes. Cause we want it too. Tu je point dia. -___-
Then she like, go google the cupcakes website or blogspot and all. *mak dah pro google sana sini ni. Mak saya maju. Operator terbaik dirumah :D semua dia nak google. Nak masak pun bukak youtube. K, enuff bout mama kita :O

SO she buat her research and look for cupcakes here and there, the price and all. Google punya google, I sat beside her then I'm like O to the M to the G look at that little smoother cuppy cakes. It is so freaking naise. 
I wanna I wanna I wanna. 
I want it now ! In the middle of morning :D
Grrr, look at this cute little cuppy cake. I want to eat eat eat. I want it now. *drooling :p
Aiyayayayai. I'm in love with youu.

I so wanna oreo cupcakes NOW. Don't you guys want it ? Look at it. GAHH. Lovin it. Meoow, haha. I'm craving for oreo cupcakes long time ago. 


Okay. *always starts with okay. K, :)

I'm in love with celcom. I mean who doesn't. Just topup RM10 just now, and capishh. Free calls and sms to 8 pax number for 1 freaking week :)
Wooohoo. *confirm gayut hari hari 24/7 :)

K, that all. Can't sleep at all. Will be writing soon enough. 


Hello readers and viewers :D
Kay, it really show that I'm freaking bored :)

My mum just got back from Jalan TAR with my sister. She bought hijab and kain songket for AJ. *tah kenapa dia beli pun I tak tau.
Just now, while having dinner with my mum. Not a proper dinner. I didn't finish my dinner. Tak da selere -.- I don't know why. So, put my food under the saji and sit at the living room with my mum and my mum say "I beli ni untuk Cik Na *my aunty".
Then dengan suka sukanya I pun pakai, Ha-ha, and got very excited wearing this hijab * god knows why. AMIN. So, I'm wearing it and don't want to open it. My mum and my sisters literally laugh at me and say "buang tabiat and tak da kerja. Macam ni la". Haha, yes I got bored and I'm loving it :)

So, while cam-whoring with my aunt's hijab I text Hunny and say "I'm wearing tudung" and he say "boleh ke sampai bila bila.?". I laugh. 
After few minutes, I opened it and folded it and put in the plastic bag again. Thought of it, and hehe Insyallah. In god will. Insyallah. Soon. :)
Pray for me, insyallah. 
TTYL, much love :)