Friday, February 4, 2011

Just Got Home

Just got home from Ampang Park with Zul, Alia, Mia, and Diba.
Finish draft and sketch our project. Tonight I will finish up all the paper work.

Now it's time for me to rest the mind and eyes. Gonna stay up late to finish all the paper work. and going to start doing the proposal tonight too. Insyallah. 


Going Out :)

I'm going out after this, with my group mates :D on purposes of STUDY and to finish up my ASSIGNMENT -.-
Hmm, life is bored. 
My hunny didn't text me at all. He's online but tak tegur -.- OKAY. 
My mum tak percaya I'm going out for assignment -_- MAK, tak reti nak faham eh ? :/

Hoping :)

I'm praying for you. Pray hard just for you. Call me selfish, call me bitch. I'll take it. At least I'm trying. Well, I tried to fixed it. BUT, you won't allowed me to do that. Instead of using the word don't you used won't. Melancholy blog topic ? Hmm. It's okay. You know I love you. You don't need me as much as I do. I don't know what to say anymore. Or maybe just gonna agreed to what you always wanted all this while. A perfect farewell. Want me to throw a big party for it ? Hmm, won't be needing any of it right ? You know, I tried to be nice. I tried to be good. Tried as hard enough to make it up to you. I know one sorry won't washed away all the pain that has been attached to your heart tho. But I'm asking for only one thing and that is you listen and communicate with me. Not asking much. I don't want to hurt you. Maybe you don't know, we're even. I hurted you by my words. and you did yours. With those harsh mean words. Sarcastic-ism is not my thing. Please be straight forward. You wanna hurt me. Do it well.
You know when I say things what has been told to you, you know I didn't just make it up all that. I didn't google how to mend your heart, how to say sorry, it comes straight from my heart. *if you read this, you might laugh out loud. Look at me, pathetic loser. So what if I'm a dork. I don't care.
Just so you know. I tried. Maybe it's not enough for you. I don't know. This thing messed up my mind. I have things to do. So do you. You did good in your life, you're just perfect. You know who you are. Great life, education, family, boyfriend. You're near to perfect. I'll pray for you :) I promise :D
Ignore me as much as you want too. I'll take it. Like I always do ;)

I'm hoping and still waiting for your answer, oh my why am I doing this ?
Have a nice day peeps :)

Night Out Loud.

Video Number 1#

3 Idiots Invention Decade 

A good lesson from him. He's giving a good advice 
and oh my tak tahan gelak dengar slang kedah dia. He is so funny. I can't stop laughing :D :D

Video Number 2


One more GOOD topic from him. He got a point. Tak payah kot nak guna the word 'nyew nyew' ni. Merosakkan bahasa ibunda kenapa ? Why can't you guys spell the right word ?
Or maybe use a short form, a simple short form. Which everyone can properly understand.

After all. After a sad sad conversation between me and her and me and him. This guy really cheer me up. You make me laugh man :) :) 

P/s : TTYL, till then,