Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life Goes On,

The cycle of life. One day you're up, one day you're down. It work that way y'know. 
Oh boy, I don't need you at all. I seriously don't. One advice there, learn to appreciate what people have done for you. 
I never knew a real bitch exist, until I met you. Thanks yaww. I'm done !

That Girl,

I may laugh and say it's all good. I may smile and crack a joke or two. But inside, I'm really crushed about what you've done and said. BUT. I'm that type of girl that can be hurt easily but smile and pretend nothings wrong. I'm the type of girls who's willing to brighten your day even if I can't brighten my own.

Just Her,

Name : Siti Nabila Supina
Been friend : 6 years and 8 months and 1 day.

Knows that I stop and cry while writing this post. *Hmm, love you Chika.
Maybe you're going to read this, or maybe not. Hmm. Hoping for you to read this, cause I don't think I would have a chance to spill everything, my feeling and all to you. So, *breath in and out* and here we go. 
Started point on 2nd Jun 2004, when we're 12 years old. Standard 6. Get to know you by our mum. They are like sisters to each other. Remember once I said it to you, when I first saw you it's raya, we're 12 and dengan selamba je cakap *you sombong. I said it to you once. 
But when I get to know who you are, you're not like that. You're more nicer than I thought. You change your school and came to SBS when we're 11. 5 Bumi kan ? I was in 5 Neptune.With nabila, kunalini and others. When we reach to form 1, 2 and 3, I hardly remember you cause your class is on ground floor and first floor. 
You always been to clever girl among us. Class gaharu. But of course we went recess together everyday. I will tagged along with you, follow you wherever you wanna go. To bookshop, to the toilet and the cantin and all. We went to different classes with different subject when we're 16. You achieved good result and sadly not for me. I have to say, I memang suka main main time sekolah, you know me and elly macam mana dalam class kan. But Elly did good after all. We became close to each other, sleepover at your place with Nazarith and our first try on ciggy. So funny. I miss that night, that sleepover. You jadikan muka Naza rabbit. Hehe, with that cekak yang ada telinga rabbit tu. It's so funny and I really miss it.
There's just too many memories and I drown in it and crumble down and cry when I think of it. 
We went to Johor Baru, Melaka, Port Dickson together. You, my mum and mummy went to Vietnam together. I just miss all that. I don't want that thing to fade away just like that. We build up a strong friendship even Cha get very jealous with us, me and Cha fought about this. It doesn't make sense but that is the truth. We are so close, that people get jealous with both of us. 
I miss school days, we go to school together, line up at the back, I pretend to be tall when I know I'm short and should line up in front with Elly. We scream, laugh, talk, gossip like and people. We don't care about what others think about us. 
You're always there with me babe. ALWAYS, even bila I start kerja and get very busy. You understand my schedule, you tau bila I keluar, I punya cuti and all. You're a good sister keeper. You're my best friend. I don't want to lose you. I don't want to break this chain up. We promise each other. Tak ingat ke ? *babe, I tak tau ni kali ke berapa I nangis. I wish things could go back like it used too. Babe, I make mistake. That day I went ice skate with the girls, and talked to Elly about it, as you know. Elly mesti lecture I kan, so. According to her, we're like so close to each other, we're like sister. Even that small thing, that small tiny mistake can break our heart. We're so close to each other that even that small mistake means a lot to us. We get sensitive with the things happened. Even that small things can break us up. It's up to us, macam mana nak handle that thing. Babe, I'm not asking for to much. I know you're hurt. Not in a million years I wanna hurt you. NEVER. That would be the last thing I would do to you or never. Why should I be doing things like that to break your heart ? I wouldn't B. We promise to stick together, you're my sahabat. Remember ? I miss you so badly,
I miss having lunch at Andalus, window shopping with you, sleep over at your place, gossip sampai tak tidur malam, went swimming together, of all the things that we been thru don't you miss any of it ? 
B, this distance, ignoring moment might be my punishment from you. I'll take it. I'll do anything to make it up to you. I promise. I would !
Just don't leave me. You're leaving for Bandung this August. 
B, while you still here in Malaysia let me make it up to you and make things like they we're supposed to be. Pleasee B, I beg you :'(
Remember when I said, I wouldn't find someone else like you. It's true. Why wouldn't I replace you ? No one suit your position. No one ! 
You will always be there to pick me up, blatantly would be there when things get ugly. and I would be there for you. You know I will. Ingat time dengan Ery dulu. You crumble down, and I was there with you. Holding, hugging and crying with you. Our thick and thin, we always have for each other. Always have and always will. B, please forgive me. If I have to look for another words to express my sorry and apology I would. and if I could show you how sorry I am. I just miss us B. Hmm :'(
Hope to come and see you soon. Take care babe. 

We're not just friend, nor best friend. We're sisters B.

Half Dead

It's 2.20 AM. Just finish my assignment. Alhamdulillah. Two down two to go :). Gonna finish all of it in 2 days, hopefully. 
I'm listening to better off alone by Marie Digby and the lyric just went spinning around my head -.- why la like that ? Gahh, I miss my hunnyb. 
Tonight is a bit dull cause a lot of my friend celebrating CNY and maybe they tuck in early. Aiyaa, why so bosan la ? :|

Have nothing else to do right now, actually I can and have a lot of time to finish my another assignment but I'm just too lazy to do it. Teehee. Gonna finish it tomorrow at night aite, :D promise. 

The line was a bit slow today, maybe it's because of the celebration. Hmm. Facebook-ing with Iddy. She's at AC Subang with her friend. I'm so bored, so help me god. 
I'm in a mood of writing, just need few piece what to write about. K laa,

So WANNA Watch,

K, I may a bit merepek at times. Whatt, kay I know I made my promises. But but this movie. I wanna watch this movie, pleashh. Just one movie. It's been awhile since I went to watch movie at cinema :|

So wanna watch The Green Hornet *ala, cakap je nak. But later memang tak kan tengok pun -.-

; Following the death of his father, Britt Reid, heir to his father's large company, teams up with his late dad's assistant Kato to become a masked crime fighting team |

Teman-ing me please :D pretty please. Teehee. 

I'm not an movie addicted-ism okay. Just this one movie really caught my heart. and don't blame me for wanna watch it right. 


Promises :)

Since it's chinese new year, I don't plan to tuck in early cause I'm having my appointment with my Mr. Assignment here. He won't let me go after this. Gonna overnight over here later. Insyallah. And also, with all those fireworks and those noise I don't think I can sleep. Noise la wei. Heheh,  *didn't mean to offend you guys. 
Oh well. 
Since it's still morning, and I'm not planning to sleep yet, so I guess I drop few post here :)
Hakim went out just now with his friend. We haven't spoke to each other for few hours there. Been a bit busy with assignment and research. He's busy playing poker and leave me. So yeah, basically we're both ignoring the phone for today. Plus my credit like :/ urgh. Malas nak topup. Maybe before I sleep I'll call him and say goodnight.

Hmm, just now I had my shower. A longg one. Is it just me or you guys have done the same thing like I did. In the bathroom, I kinda get few inspiration, few ideas, I kinda make my bathroom as my thinking and relaxing chamber. -.- I know, it's kinda weird, but while you bath don't you like thought about few things, you're mind kinda run here and there, started to think about what you're going to do for the rest of the day or maybe slip into your mind that you could think of answer or perfect ideas for your assignment and etc. It may sound stupid but I kinda found peace in the bathroom. Hahaha, okay enuff bout the toilet thingy :D. The point is, just now when I had my shower I made few promises to myself, and that is, 
  • I promise I will get my assignment and all those little things about my project done before saturday :| InsyaALLAH
  • Will try stop saying the F*** word
  • Will try stop saying the ba alip ba ya word
  • Will focus in classes more when the semester break ends.
  • Will start to communicate/make it up well with people. *bad bad story. 
  • New moto : Hello to smile, and goodbye to tears *you can do it qie :D
  • Gonna slowly ignore and pushing away all uninvited guests like wifi *facebook and etc, going out, movie, food, all those temptation laa.
  • Will try to relax when handling heavy shit
  • Start to forgive and forget
  • Learn my mistake, 
So over all, that might be it. That's all I think -.- teehee. K, continue assignment. Talk to you soon :D


CNY :)

Happy Chinese New Year
Wishing for every moment and every
second would be smooth sailing, that there would always be joy
and laughter from the instant we wake up every single day till the
very night we rest our tired and contented spirit.

May be blessed with
luck, fortune, health and to have the capability to help and to give
to others who are really in need of assistance. 

Happy New Yearr :)