Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Of all that ever happened around here in the house. You know you should watch you language. At least I know how to cook okay bitch. DO appreciate your fat ass and just eat. Atleast I do some good deeds in the house rather than lock yourself in the room and done nothing. BLAH. 
Wateve's biatch


Kaki Kecik

"You're so fluffy."

Watched Despicable me again. 5x in a row. Okay, don't blame me. Agnes is so freaking cute, and look at those yellow small thing. Grr, I want to bite bite. Hehehe, Hakim call the movie "Movie kaki kecik". It's an arts my hunny bunny. It's supposed to be like that. Don't you like, fall for the cuteness of Agnes "You're so fluffy !" *lashing eyebrow. Hahaha, 
Kthnxbye. I'm bored.


FUNNY la ayol. Tak tahan gelak. Astaga. Sabar je la. Jangan nak gay sangat la korang ni -.-
Hahahahahah, this is what happened, bila duduk hostel lama sangat. GATAL @$%^&^%$#@

Quotes of the DAY :)

Mind laughing for me, I'm hideous today. Blame me for being effing bored.
So, google it again. I love google :)
Google quotes of the day :
He hasn't an enemy in the world - but all his friends hate him.

Eddie Cantor

Ya sure ? Errrr, what is their problem. Pity him laa.

Fact of the DAY

Did you know ?
"It's against the law to burp, or sneeze in a certain church in Omaha, Nebraska !"
Kay, I got really bored, and google fact of the day and found this at http://www.todaysfact.com/
Heheh, sorry, my bad. Blame my boredness. 
Serious shit, it's against the law if you burp or sneeze in the church ? My god, god bless you people in Omaha :|
You people got issues, don't go to church went you have flu k :)

LOL, bodoh sekali post ni -_________________-



My english is sick, sick I tell you. My grammar in serious ICU. Qila, work on your grammar you suck :|

I suck on both language grammar's. Grrr. Need to work on my essay. BOTH LANGUAGE -.-
I'm a dead meat if my dad read all my grammar @.@

My Holiday

My dreamy holiday,
4 days already, saturday, sunday, monday and today tuesday.
On saturday, I went out with my hunny bee, 1 week without him. 5 days MORE. Grrr. 
Sunday, sat at home, watching tv bla bla bla
Monday, went out wuth Cha, Naza, Elly have fun fun fun :D
Tuesday, done nothing yet, woke up. On the phone with hunny, lying on my bed and blogging, tumblring, facebooking and whatever shit.
Aiyaa, why I so lazy now days, haven't touch my assignment nor my project or anything. I prefer lying down on the bed and just stare at the wall and siling -.- tak da kerja. I'm bored to death, I got so many things to do, but somehow I'm just lazy to do it. :| GAHH, 
Might be doing all that tonight or later, after this have to go down and fold to clothes yang tinggi macam gunung, well I HAVE to do it, cause no one wants to do it. 

Last Night,

Got back from Sunway, shower and grab my phone and call hunny.
While on the phone with you my sister been playing with your sweater and see what they did

While on the phone with you 
Me : Hunny, see they love you so musch
Hunny : Why? 
Me : Diaorang main sweater you pakaikan kat katak i, then diba nak reply text you so macam okay, i tak buat apa apa punn
Hunny : *gelak


Ooohh, I forgot. Hello February, January say HI and ask you to take a good care of me and the other.
February 2010 bring me happiness. How about you February 2011 ?
May february will bring joy, tears, love, and pain :) AMIN


Ice Skate and Girls DAY

At last, we finally meet :D
OMG, cha surprised me well. On her birthday party, I couldn't attend cases of emergency. So that night, 30.01.2011 she called and ask me 
Conversation on the phone :D
Cha : Kat mana ? Esok ice skate nak ?
Me : Kat rumah, ice skate esok, nak nak nak :D :D *big smile, oh god it's been awhile
Cha : Yeayyy, tapi kita pergi dengan kawan kita tauu. 
Me : Kawan ? Kawan mana ? Elly tak da ?
Cha : Kawan cha la, elly tak da.
Me : Alaaaaaa, hmm tapela. See you tomorrow 
Cha : Okyy :)

Cha's going to pick me up at 12.30 *supposedly. But then she woke up late at 1.30 PM. Then she get ready and all, had her breakfast and drive to my house.
When she arrived at my house, she parks her cars quite far from the house -.- like why la. Then she honking like I'm late -.- Aiyaa cha, wait la. Then I walked to the car, my eyesight is bad, so couldn't see who's in the car. When she *the other girl open the door I'm like "ARRGGGGGGGG, OMG" *masuk kereta duduk and still screaming. *hug hug :D
In the car, elly and naza. OMG OMG. Still screaming cam bodo. HUG
Cha, really surprised me :) thanks cha. It's already been a year since I meet them. We're to busy with stuff. Elly and Naza we're to busy working, Cha and me we're to busy studying :| 
So, cha drove us to Sunway, when we arrived the parking lot is like full as a hell. So like, a bit merry go around in there, we went up and up and up and finally after 20 minutes we got one parking :)
We're like so freaking excited to ice skate together, we went to cotton on first to buy stuff. 
and then walk to the rank, buy our ticket, *price dah naik :| so we took our ice skate shoes at the counter and wear it. Take our gloves and go inside the rank. Oh god, supper scared. 
The days went well. VERY until there's this couple ran over me and elly :| you suck, we literally fall and wet like hell. *R.I.P jeans. It's funny and it hurt. Jatuh sebijik macam pin bowling. Oh gosh, where do you come from, -.- they like somewhere behind us, couldn't find way to stop and suka suka je langgar orang. -.- okay fine whateve. My mood spoiled cause it's freaking cold and I'm wet, and I baru nak catat rekod tak nak jatuh and they THEY made me fall %$#@#$%$#@ *k.
K, whateve, keep on ice skate with naza, bla bla bla and I came out from the rank early than other, at 7.20. I went out and open my shoes and relax a bit cause it really hurt my back and butt when I fall. and they went out at 7.35, we snap few pictures, have fun laughing and screaming and all. Pack our stuff and walk out, went eat at Mr Teppayaki.
Get out from Sunway at 9 something, sent naza and elly at Ampang park to take cab and train. Me and Cha, drove back to melawati.
In the car, me and cha been talking bout old days, and it just suck when Nabila is not here anymore. Hmmm.
Over all, the day went well. I have fun, so does the girls. 
Love ya babe's 

P/s : My back and butt still hurt, screw you bitch and bastard. and you did not say sorry. F.U