Sunday, January 30, 2011

1 WEEK (@.@)

Call me annoying for posting to much of this lovey dovey boyfriend scene what so ever shit. I don't care. This is my blog, 
mind shitting somewhere else aite ? This is mine, I wrote what ever I want. I'm not here to please you guys. LMFAO :)

Just got back from KL, with my hunnybee. It's going to be 1 week without you hunny. There's so much to be told here, but haih. Later laa, I call you at night okay :)
Wasn't expected me to react like that at the bench. Hhehe, you know I know, you know I love you hunny. MWA.
Starting today until sunday is our Midterm Break. 1 WEEK. 
Macam setahun -.- okay I'm not used not having you on my side. So when holiday came it's like urghh "Nanti hunny balik N9 :( " gonna miss you hunnybee. 1 week tak da dah nak kejutkan you for morning classes, no more breakfast and lunch together for 1 week. Hmmmm, after 1 week siap la you. Heheh :D

To be truth, I'm afraid of changes, when you told me about those thing when we're heading back to lrt it just scare me to death. I mean, it's not like I don't like it. No, I'm just not ready for that. Hmm :|
Anywho, I love you Muhammad Nur Hakim <3

Cuma ada sweater hunny for my goodnight sleep :|. RINDU already -.-