Sunday, January 23, 2011

Forever :D

After our talk, I just want you to know,
Just for you ; Muhammad Nur Hakim Ismail. Just you !
  • I tak pernah bosan dengan you
  • I rasa relationship ni lama bukan sebab bosan, sebab I sayang you sangat. 
  • You are so amazing, I love the way you talk
  • You make me happy when my day start to get cloudy
  • I barely smile when we fight
  • If we fight, I can stand sitting for 5 minutes. Mesti nak tengok phone just in case you call
  • I cant sleep without listening to your voice
  • You amazed me by the things you do
  • We barely talk to each other lately
  • It's hard when you're not around, it's not easy to talk so I wrote to you :D
  • I love talking to you whether it's on the phone, ym-ing, skype or in person
  • You never bores me with anything
  • You comfort me good
  • You drown me with good explanations bout things around me
  • You're my good adviser
  • I never did this to me ex-es. This is like the first time
  • I just want you to know that I love you so badly
  • It never slip thru my mind that you would leave me
  • I'll be more than happy when you're around
  • I don't really care bout what people said
  • I need you all the time
  • Forgive me when I'm wrong
  • I promise I'll change for you
  • Remind me if I did anything wrong
  • Even that little thing that you do to me, everything will make me happy
  • You surprise me good
  • I'm trying to be in your position
  • Thank you sebab you nanyi kat I haritu, 
  • I promise I will try to be there when you need me
  • Thank you sebab you layan kerenah I non stop
  • You don't mind walking me to anywhere I want
  • You would do anything just to make me happy
  • You will run to me when I walk away
  • You're the one for me, remember !
  • Sometimes I get jealous thinking someone else could me happier than I could
  • You're sincerely look at me
  • Whisper word that would make me happy when I'm moody
  • You rather walk under the rain, while you hold my umbrella and you're wet cause you're not under my umbrella
  • Pick me up when I fall
  • Accept my flaws
  • You willingly, appreciate me,  understand me, support me, and respect me and take me as I am.
Hunny for the good deeds, and the lovely memories, thank you for being there for me. Thank you so much, 
Know that I love you so very much, no one loves you like I do :*


When all of those question came up, I doomed !
We're doomed, it's like this is the end of everything. Oh gosh, I need to get back to who I was :)


I just need you hunnyb. That's all. 
Kau yang teakhir dalam hidupku <3

That ME

That's me, I make things when all complicated cause I don't know how to hold on, I don't know how to manage things. I make something such a big deal when actually its not. Hmm, that this stupid part of me.
Hmm, that all. Kbye

Enuff said,

I miss my boyfie : Muhammad Nur Hakim :(


Hello :)
For the past few days, I'm not myself. I have this thing this stupid butterflies, like its glued up in my mind, something that makes other felt disturbing, annoying, and all the uninvited feeling towards me. I make people hated me more because of my beyond major bitchy attitude.
I have my alone-ness moment last night, where I don't want to talk, I don't want to be around people even texting, or calling. I'm sorry Hakim hunny for yesterday, today and the day before. I am not myself. I wish I could explain this annoying shit, but I just can't.
I am not happy, not welcome, don't feel like laughing, don't feel like talking. I just don't want to do anything.
I just need my own moment, where I just want to find myself alone and talking to myself, look at the trees all the green shits, staring at the cloud and sky. I miss the old me. Where everything is possible to me.
Maybe I just miss the old days, missing my girls, missing the day we run like mad people, laugh like shit, cry while hugging each other. IDK, what's wrong with me ??
I make people feel uncomfortable with my attitude lately :(
Qie, start to change back ! People hated it :| Hmm.
and last night was a bit sentimental to me, I open my playlist and started to make list, all those sentimental songs and just sing along and I cried like hmm, I don't know.
I have this feeling again today, now. While writing this. Hmm, anyway ttyl.