Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tak suka

I hate getting flashback on things I don't want to remember. I hate to look at those news feed when she post a new status and it never occurred to her that I miss how things back then. Hmm. I hate to see you change. I hate when we're not talking to each other. Kenapa nak jadi macam ni ? :'(


It's been awhile right. Sorry my baby bloogy. Been spending a lot of time with my tumblr. You di anak tiri kan pulakk. Hehe, sorry :D

Just got back from KL with him. 
Things started to change part by part. I try to hold on. To the things that kept me thinking more about and with him. Running away would never be a good answer. I have to accept it by hook or by crook. I love you like no other my hunny. We are different in every way. BUT, please let me be in your position. Let me in, I'm trying. It's not that I don't appreciate you, no it's never like that. It's more like "Uhh, I'm not sure how you felt about me. Am I good enough for you ? Hmm, I don't know." 
I'm stranded in my lost lane. I love you, that for sure, no doubt on that. You comfort me good, they way you treat me, they way you talk, how could you sacrifice half of your life for me is more than enough. I wouldn't found anyone like you. I swear I won't. 
Sorry for being so quiet. I need my moment to think and let myself and my mind work and starting to think, "can I accept all this" and I finally got my answer, I do. For better and for worse. For rich or poor. I'll be there for you, sekarang pun macam tu kan. 
We came from different side of family, but I will TRY to change a little tad bit just for you. I love you Hakim Ismail


Kadang kadang, sedih bila dulu kita dah janji nak together forever. and at last, semua dah tak da. Its so frustrating when you can look at their picture but don't have the guts to talk to them cause of the past. Honestly that feeling is so annoying and stressful. I just hate to be ignored. I don't want to be in this position. Girls, I'm so sorry. I want chuu, hmmmm