Sunday, January 9, 2011


A 5 years old girl in the kindergarden told me. She told me now she only had a colouring sheet for homework. I told her how I wished I was in kindergarten again. She looked at me with the most serious face and said “No you don’t. All kids do is steal your crayons, break them in half, and walk away”. I said to her in my most serious face “Yes that might be true, but in high school boys steal your heart, break them in half and walk away.


Sometimes people tell you that they care.
Sometimes people tell you that they love you.
Sometimes people tell you that they want you.
Sometimes people say that they will catch you when you fall.
Sometimes people tell you they will never leave you.
Sometimes people say they will never hurt you.
Sometimes people say they would die without or for you.
Sometimes people say that your worth it.
Sometimes people say it's going to be okay.
Sometimes people say, you are the one sight they never get tired of.
And sometimes, they just lie to you.


Laugh It Out

Boy : You are, ABCDEFGHIJK.
  • Girl : What does it mean?
  • Boy : Attractive, Brilliant, Cute, Darling, Elegant, Funny, Gorgeous, Hot.
  • Girl : Aww, sweet. What does IJK mean?
  • Boy : I'm just kidding. :p
  • Girl : LMN.
  • Boy : ????
  • Girl : Lempang Muka Nak?


Ayah :)

Mama, don't blame or ask me why I love Ayah so much.

The ONE,

In this mean time, you are what I call my love of my life. You brighten up my days. Each day, never get tired of being there listening to me whining bout a lot of thing. Hakim, you should know that I love you so very much. You're the only guy in my life right now. You're the ONE. My one and only. I am afraid to lose you, even for a few second. You are what I need.
Don't leave me please. I would do anything just to make it up to you, to make you stay. 
I love, I smile, I laugh, I cry, I hope, I try I hurt, I need, I fear. And I know you do the same thing too, so that makes you and me are no different.
I don't want to let go of those precious memories about me and you. I don't want to let go of you, 
Call me greedy, call me selfish, I only want you. Only YOU, Muhammad Nur Hakim Ismail.
Ingat sampai mati I cuma sayang you sorang je. Please trust me. No matter what. You are one thing that I'm holding up too. I'm counting on you hunny bee.
You don't know how much it hurt when we're in this situation. I need you, I miss you badly.