Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year :D

Blame bloggy's calender. They suck, so it's 12.57 AM on 1/1/2010.

It's New Year Eve's :D
May 2011 brings joy and happiness to all of us. 

Muhammad Nur Hakim Ismail, I love you so much. No words can describe it. Having fun with your friend in Genting right now right ? Ulu Yam after this ? Jealous much.
He asked me to come with him but I decided to say NO cause I was too afraid and problematic with motorcycle -.-' I know it's a bit lame but yeah, that's me :D.
You guys are so unpredictable. 
You are so unpredictable, I love you cause you are so different than others, you are unic, undeniable, indescribable, and all the weird stuff, nice, 'decent', and the important things is you take me as I am and I take you as who you are. Going to start my new year 2011 with you on my mind, heart and soul. I love you Hunny Bee, may our days bloom with happiness and joy Hunny <3

Have fun celebrating new year eve's babe. See yaa,