Saturday, December 31, 2011

HIM :)

We finally reach the end of 2011.

The post tittle. 
HIM <3

Muhammad Nur Hakim Ismail. 
My friends knows how madly in love am I with him. 
He's the one to blame for the missing and loving thingy.

He came by at the right time last year on July 2010
I known him for 6 months before we get together.
In that 6 months time.
We been together as a secret lover.
Secret relationship. Fun gila ! 
Rindu pulak. Main jeling jeling je. Tapi tak pernah bercakap face-to-face. Even jumpa dekat college everyday tapi tak cakap. Only in Facebook je. Hahaha. Okay lawak sangat. Comel betul Sayang I ni !

There's a lot of obstacle we'd face.
There's a lot of challenges involved feeling, friendship, betrayal, love, play hard to get, tears, and so many more.
From July 2010, 6 months later. He finally proposed on 25 December 2010.
After, we make deals and promises to each other.

It started on 25 December 2010. 
Since we're in the same college but in the different courses. 
We do things together.
Almost everyday.
Eat, Study and so on.

My first time ride motorcycle with him.

My first time meet his FAMILY !

My first time made a birthday surprise for anyone.

My first time went hiking with him.

My first time official one year anniversary with him.

My first time mandi sungai with him.

My first time enjoying fasting month and Raya with him.

We never get bored of each other.
The love kept growing when we're apart.
We have each other for the first 5 months.
Where love is all we've been looking for.
But when we entered the second phase of relationship.
Ups and downs.
Tears almost most of the night before I go to bed. 
After awhile, I took it as challenges and dugaan by Allah for our relationship.
To make it grow stronger.
We made everything go well. 
Misunderstanding becomes the usual conversation for us.
And so on. 
We became stronger and closer to each other. 

The love became much more stronger on August 2011.
When I received my first rose from him.

It's fasting month. On our 8th monthsary.
We went our for Iftar at Gasolin, TS.
Starting for the first day of fasting, the love become much more meaningful.
Maybe because of the month itself.

He teaches me so many things in life.
Things I didn't know. 
He made me realize about everything.

On October. 
We volunteered to be crews for our colleges convocation at MMU.
We been placed at Hotel Sepang.
Don't freak out when you see the word HOTEL. 
Nothing happened -.-'
We didn't sleep until 4 or 5 am I guess. 
Went to mamak twice that night.
That morning, 6 o'clock in the freaking morning !
Iddy woke us up and need to get ready by 6.30 am.
Woke him up at his room and prepared for his stuff.
That moment.
I will cherished until the greatest Jannah.
Only you and me know how the feeling felt like.

You made me felt so comfortable, so safe, so in love with you.
No words can describe the feelings we had.
No one, I meant.
Can ever replaced your position in my heart.

Where would I find a guy who will accept my good and bad ?
Where would I find a guy who's going to prepare me for his mother to love me ?
Where would I find a guy who's going to correct all my mistakes and never mention it after I make one ?
Where would I find a guy who's going to be there thru my thick and thin ?
Where would I find a guy whom I'm sure not gonna leave me when we fought ?
Where would I find a guy who are very patient ?
Where would I find a guy who are very passionate about his girl ?
Where would I find a guy who's going to solve or even listen to my sappy stories ?

Never in life. I been thru all this feelings with any guy before.
Even Nabila once told me ; B, you never love anyone like you loved him before.
Forever, he will be the best boyfriend and best best friend I ever have and ever will.

The day of my birthday.
You made this surprises by saying ; " Sayang I tak buat apa apa pun for your Birthday ".
Memang frust menongeng. 
But the next morning, right after my presentation.
He came to me and made me hold a rose. 
Red rose and a red card where he scattered white and red roses in it.
Hand made by him.

Alahai, cairnya :D.
Iddy and Hafiz glance at me terus cakap ; "Dia da start gelak, tadi macam kerang busuk".

You don't know how happy am I at that moment.
I promise, I will cherished our every moment together.
Every second. Every minute. Every hours. And. Everyday of our life.

On our anniversary.
I made you a book of our memories.
Black shirt monster saying "Bonjour" 
A frame of us picture on my Birthday.
And one picture of me when I was 3 years old.
The book I've made.
Full of pictures and wording.
All meaningful words from me.
All my feelings.
I compiled everything in a book of 10 pages.
If I'm not mistaken.

Sayang, I never said this. 
But you're the best boyfriend I ever had and ever will.
My feelings towards you means more than what words can be told.
I have always love you.
I love you today, tomorrow and always.

I'm hoping we could find our happiness until the greatest Jannah.

We're today. On the 31st December 2011.
We are now.
Known You : 1 Year, 5 Months and 4 Days.
Our Anniversary : I Year and 6 Days together.

I love you so much Sayang ;)


The Day.

The Day. 
The very last day of 2011.

Half 2011. Going 2012 :)

Why people make it very important ? 
Cause this is the time where you recap everything you did for the past 364 days ago.

And, as for me. I didn't need ended it well.
I have a little misunderstanding with Mr. Hakim here.
He been saying those TRUE but HARD to ACCEPT kinda things. 
The thing when he tried to spill all of my mistake and wanted me to realize all that.
I appreciate it Sayang. Thank you so much for that.
I admit it Sayang. It's my fault.
I digoda oleh syaitan. I minta maaf I terkasar bahasa tadi. Juga tak hormat pada you.
Maafkan I.
I have no intention to make fun of it.
I did not laugh cause it's funny.
I laugh because I know you betul and I salah.

I'm not a better person.
I made mistake. And will always do it.
It's not that I wanted it too. It just came.
But, I need someone to tell me it's wrong to do so.
And you do that for me. Every time. Every minute without failed.
So I've learn my lesson.
I have learnt.

I'm not supposed to act like I did.
As I was crying my eyes out.

I have some thoughts. 

Why would you hate someone, when you can love them ?
Allah sentiasa menyayangi umatnya walau teruk mana seseorang itu.
Kenapa tak I ?
So, I decided to stop hating, revenging and start loving and caring.
Siapa la I untuk membenci ? I cuma manusia biasa yang mempunyai perasaan yang bercampur baur dan juga mampu dihasut oleh syaitan. 
That make me a bad person. 
I didn't stop it from happened. I let it be.
Siapa I untuk menghukum right ? I don't have the right to do so.

I'm sorry for my meanest words. Even tak da la mean sangat. Cause semua orang tau. Qila tak mampu nak marah orang. Walaupun adik beradik sendiri.
I'm too kind. Ceh. Perasan. 
Okay, no. I just don't have the heart to marah orang. Tak sampai hati nak tengok orang nangis :(
Saya jiwang. Biasa la :D

And, that's all for now. Kejap lagi I continue karang essay lagi okay ?
Rehat my mind kejap.
Berehat bersama The Sims on Facebook. 
It super addictivez !
I have a lot to write :D !

Don't mind waiting right ?
Have a pleasant day.

Sunday, December 25, 2011



I'm not in a good mood nor shape. I hate celcom like *&#^ ! 
Why do you have to bitch the line while I'm on the phone -.-' ?

You see. I blame celcom for ruining my mood today. 
Just got off to phone with Sayang. A very short short conversation. 
Well I'm not happy at all. When I'm supposed to be today.

Oh well, whatever. 
Hope you'll be better tomorrow.

Just wanna write while my writing mood is doing okay. *Iguess.
How I spend my holidays, I blend with movies and youtube so well.
I got to watch Barbie. I watched The Diamond Castle, The Princess Charm School, The Rapunzel, The Fairy Secret and more :D
I got to watch korean's movies - which I'm never a fan before. And never will be. I got bored. So, I watch it just to fill my day.

Well, I also get busy getting myself fat and lot more chubbier :D ! 
Sayang suruh jaga badan. Heeeeeeeee :D 
Duduk ruma, watched movie and makan. That's all I do. 

Hee, till then.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ice Cream Date,

Greetings :) !

psst : Mata mengantuk like #&^$

Spend my whole day with Sayang today :)
Had my second trip at Gelato Fruity, and this time with Sayang.

I'm full and happy.

By the way,
We're back on track baby !
We had our moment last few weeks, what people see is not like what we really feel. 
We've been in rocking ship, biasa la kalau bercinta mesti ada je gaduh kan ? But now we're okay :)

That's all for now. I'll be back. Got some errands to finish.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Beginning,

Greeting and good night pretty :)

Happy holidays to MMC's student. 2 more weeks of doing nothing. Yeay us :D !

Since it nearly to 1 AM on December 20 2011. So, I would say 19 December is yesterday.
Yesterday was our registration day for new semester.

I'm stepping forward for semester 6. 
New semester, new subject, new lecturers.
Old friends, and very old classroom.
I can get use to that :)

Speaking about the result.
I was devastated :(
Sad sad face is what I'm wearing now :'(
Anyhuuuuuu, I praised Allah cause I didn't fail.
My mum say it's okay.
I have done my very best there. Alhamdulilah.

Aj's going to belanja me soon :D ! I'm lovin it <3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Never Be Replaced.

Hello once again :D

It's my fourth post for today :)

Excuse me for being over writing in my own blog. Haha.

The songs Never Be Replaced by 1st Lady really suit my feeling tonight. 
As I go thru all these album of my bestfriends :)

Me, Cha, Nabila and Elly we're very close.
We go by pair.
Me and Nabila
Elly and Cha.
Sometimes, we switch to Me and Elly | Nabila and Cha and Naza

We're best friend since form 3 and still counting.
Even we're far away, but we're still there for each other.
You guys will never be replaced. 
What I had with you guys is nothing compared to what I had now.
You guys are different and always be there when I need you.
You gave me bad and good opinion whenever I need one.
We used to fought, but who doesn't ?
Even you're not with me. But once in awhile when I see you guys. You guys can tell what's happening.
I can tell what's going on in your life.
I can't wait for degree. I'm hoping we're going to stick together. 

Nabila's going to have her first final in this new courses.
Cha's going to have her second final for degree.
Elly's change and decided to wear Hijab for good. I'm proud of your little girl. I really miss you.
And as for me. I'm finishing my diploma in June. 

I miss you guys so much, that I can't get enough of you guys.
I had the best holiday :)
You will never be replaced no matter how far I go.
You will be there in my mind, and heart.

We shared almost everything whenever we're together.
Where would I find someone like you guys out there ?

It's a beautiful December. In two weeks time, I had the time of my life. 
Thank you, you guys for being there for me and each other. 
Hoping to see you guys soon enough :)

That's all for now. 
Lots of love.
Hugsnkisses <3


Hello :)

It's 3.05 am. And I'm wide awake :D !

I just wanna let this thing out of my mind since it's been in my mind and been my secrets for a lot time.
It's actually, not so long time ago.
It happened about few months ago.

When I found myself terumbang ambing.
With my studies and friends.

But I have to say, my studies went well. 
My exam, I did my best on my exam week. For 4 months studying my major subject "Marketing", 
I love what I'm doing.
Overall my semester 5 went well.
Except for few things.

Me and Hakim are like no other, 
we been good, never been bad. 
Arguments are pretty casual to all couple out there. But we're matured and rational enough to handle our obstacles.

My studies
What can I say, I love the subject.
I love my lecturers.
I love my assignment, it kinda funny right ? "I love my assignment ??". 
Don't get me wrong. I do love it.
I enjoy my every moment doing all those assignment.
It's pretty hard tho, but name me simple task. It wouldn't be call as assignment right ?

The hardest part, the deepest secret.
It's about my friends.
For those who are reading. Or not. Haha.
Something happened not so long time ago. Even it kinda hurts me but I'll take it as Dugaan from Allah for me to stay strong and able to grow older, matured and think as rational as I can.
You might get pissed when you read this. Cause you know who you are. If you do. I'm sorry.

For those who used to hate me. Don't ever think that you can get along with me like we used too. It would never be the same. 
If you're reading this, you probably say all kind of bad things to me. But one thing for sure. 
I need someone that I can hold on too. 
I need someone who's going to be there. 
I need someone who's not going to back stab me.
Most important.
I need that someone to accept my bad and good side.
If you can't.
That might be hard for you and me. 
Cause there will never be you and me. 
You don't suit the cut.
You better leave,
I'm better on my own.

I'm sorry if I ever broke people's heart. But what about mine ? Mine doesn't count ? It's a question I always asked myself. How about mine ?
I'm just saying because I can't keep all this on my own anymore or maybe I don't need to keep this kinda things in my heart and my mind.
It's very disturbing. 
And, I need this things to go away. And never came back.
That's all.

Counting Days :)

Hey ho :D !

It's me again !
Of course it's me again, this is mine tho.
Heee, jk jk.

I'm hell bored and alone. Oh, forever alone.
Hakim kinda sleep early today, he went to PD with his family and all tired now.
Sleep like baby already. Senyap je. Haiyoo.

Well, I'm not here to talk about this. 

Going to talk about me counting days.
Counting days about what ?
Look at the calendar and I scream for 25th December 2011.
My very first year with HIM.
And my very first anniversary with anyone. 

Congrats me please, ceh ! Haha. Jk.

I'm not here to pleased people or myself.
I get very hyper and all excited about this past few weeks.
When I'm not supposed too.

Hopefully nothing bad gonna happens.

I'm counting days. 
12 days to go Sayang ;)

I love you like no one care. I love unconditionally. I hope you do too.
I can't wait to see you. Love you so much Sayang. Hugs.

It's been one week and more without and I'm miserable enough without you here :'( tsktsk.


Evenings :)

Teehee, I haven't sleep yet even I have major headache right now.

Get very excited about today tho. That's why I can't sleep. 
And of course I had chocolate enriched with Cha at Oldtown 2 hours ago. Lagi tak boleh tidur. And getting all hyper all of a sudden. 

I just get better from food positioning. Had that food positioning on Saturday because of that Yong Tau Foo. Lepas ni tak nak makan da :p
And now I'm recovering.
Suddenly craving for ice cream and Nabila's came and asked me to teach her account which I did for only 10 minutes. 
Haha, what can I say. She is a good pick up :)

Plan with Cha to have lunch with her. 
But end up having ice cream dinner with her and Nabila at KL Festival City. Twice this week. 
Minggu ni je berapa kali keluar dengan Cha. 
Arrr, good life ;) I love it.

And, again.
After send Cha back to her house at 8 something. 
And then,
Cha called at 11 PM and said she's hungry. 
So she pick me up and we have our midnight supper at Oldtown Taman Permata.

I had French Toast. And Cha had her Chicken Hor Fun.
Yummy tummy. I'm full and sleepy + with headache.
But still active and hyper.
Blame the chocolate enriched, I bet Cha haven't sleep yet :p

Oh well. 
I had the best weekend with them.
They are what I call love.
Wait till Hakim balik KL.
Lagi love is in the air :D

Oh, I'm in love with my holi, holiday ;)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day Out :D

Greetings :D !

Day out again ! Hehe, today with Cha and Nabila.

My best two lover <3
Had Gelato Fruity at KLFC 
Me and Nabila had Bacio 
Cha had Florentiner 
Yummy tummy :D

*psst - Tak puas langsung keluar about an hour jeeee :( tsktsk


B, thank you for the late birthday present :D ! 

I love it.
Gonna read it tonight :D 
Thank you so much. 
Love you both, very much <3

Hope to see you guys anytime soon :D !

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fun Emergency :D !

I was chilling in the living room also was on the phone with Hakim around 5 PM just now, waiting for Mama to come home. 
Suddenly Cha called and say "kita depan ruma awak".

A bit shocked cause she didn't tell me she's coming.
Tayar kereta Cha got flat and ask me to teman her go home and change the car.
She drove her mum's car and the tayar got flat.

Kesian Cha. Kejap je keluar suddenly the car broke down. Haha.
It funny when Cha came out and say Tayar-Pancit-Date with Qila.

I will see you soon okay ?
Aww, I have great holiday ;)

Lunch Date with Cha :)

Greeting everyone. 
Doing okay ?
Haha, I'm not. Bad bad mood today :(

Well, I'm not here to talk about my mood. Teehee. It will heal next morning. Insyallah.

I'm posting a not-so-short post about my gegirl here :)
This is Ellisya Edith Ahmad Zaki.

This is Cha.
My oh-so-cute-girl <3

She is my bestfriend after Nabila, Elly and Naza :)
I love this cute little girl.
The girl who will always be there to cheer you up. 
She is adorable ;)

We went out yesterday. It was a short noticed actually.
We plan on lunch at 2 PM. 
Instead of going out at 2 PM, Cha woke me up at 11 something in the morning and wanted to have an early lunch date.
Soooooooo, I was very late. Cause she's ready to go +.+

Had a not-so-quick shower sampai boleh terjatuh and I swear my butt got bruises. Haha.
Careless me, as always.

As I was saying, we plan to go KL Festival City cause we never been there.
Cha pick me up in a heavy rain. Kesian Cha drive hujan lebat. 
KLFC is like 10 minutes away from Melawati. 
Soon arrived there, park and look for a place to eat.

Cha asked me to decide where to eat.
So I choose Cinamon Box. The place it's very cozy. I love it.

Cam-whore part 2 :)

Even the food wasn't actually nice.
But what I love about yesterday is we could actually talk and laugh.
I really miss you.
Really miss you guys. 
Hopefully we can gather more people like we used to :D !

Cha is my life saver. I owe you big my lil girl ;)

Drove back to my house around 3 something. 
A little bit of cam-whoring in the toilet and the car. Awww, I really miss that. We used to do all the time during school days ;)

Cam-whore part 3 :)

Till then,
xoxo <3


Greeting and Happy Friday everyone :D !

Friday been treating you good ?

I'm happy and full. Had my branch around 1 just now.

I can't go out because I have to wait for my sister to come home from Segamat.
Spoiler betul.

Nothing much to say when I'm freaking bored. 
I'm home alone. Diba left with Aiza to KLFC which I've been there with Cha yesterday, it's awesome :D !
Oh speaking of yesterday. I have a lot to say here. Heeeee, excited much !

Got stuff to do but too lazy to do it.
So, I'll be doing all chores when I get a lil bit rajin :D

Okay, I need to settle few thing. 
Be back soon ! 
C yea :) 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweetheart :)

Hello and greetings :D !

I am the happiest woman alive. Cehh, haha.

I'm happy and I'm touched :)

Sayang came by just now. I fell asleep right after you wall me on Facebook.
Sorry sayang lambat. Hehe.
The reason he came is just to apologize about what happened last night.
Awww, isn't he sweet ?
You asked me to come to Damai, but I was late and it's raining.
You called and told me to wait for you
You drove from Damai to pick me up.
You said you wanna eat, a light food.
Because Along said you're going to have dinner with your cousins.

Stop by at McDonald's Melati.
Prosperity make you feel very happy and chubby.

Drove me back home, safely.
You make me feel very safe when you hold my hand while driving.
I love you Sayang <3

I miss you the minute I step my feet out of the car.
I feel like hugging you right now.

You make me feel very safe when you came down here just to say you're sorry and you miss me.
Guess what Sayang ?

I miss you more than what you experienced now.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Yello is my another word for Hello.
Greeting everyone :'D
Happy 1st December, almost over actually. Teehee.

I'm alone :O

To be frank, I have nothing else to do. 
I feel very sleepy cause I have nothing to do.
And, to be exact. I'm alone.
What more can I actually do.
No one home, 
No one to talk too.
I have no life.
I'm aware.
Stop judging world.
You ain't perfect either.

Kbye, see you when I see you :)

Psst : Mood swing because of boredom. Sorry.

Good Morning :)

Good morning December :)

Greeting everyone. 
Hakim sleep late today. Jeez, ngada betul.
Mia still at home. Her shift start at 1. She will leave me soon. 
How miserable I am right now :(

Okay, enough whining.

I had the scariest dream ever. Where I was in a exam room, trying to finish the exam. Suddenly someone who happens to look like chucky in Child Play came down from the roof and started to stab people. 

Bodoh gila mimpi macam ni. Bangun terkejut as usual. Cis, why do I have this dream ? Damn !

psst : Sorry.