Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tomorrow is December :)

Am welcoming December,

May all my wishes come true.
Every time I think of December, it will remind me much about Hakim.

The 24th and 25th December dates with you.
Bring back the old memories. 
Awww, I'm melting now :O !

I'm hoping for something good, something guewy, something extravagant, something extraordinary.

Semoga Allah memberkati semua umatnya. Dengan lebaran dan buku baru ini :)

psst : Hakim, qila misses you ;)

Bye November :)

Hello November,


You been treating me good.

What's on November that I personally love about ?

1. My birthday - On 17 Nov, celebrate with Sayang at KLCC. We had our moments, *cantstopsmilling :)

2. Final Exam - From 21 until 25 Nov. Which is I've done great. Even I kinda drop out a bit. 

3. My 11 monthsary with Sayang. On 25 Nov. Thank you Hakim for being there when I'm at my worst look.

4. Yesterday's movie date. 29 Nov. The greatest movie which I adore the most. You melt me with the things you said and done. I love you like a million times more than you do.

And, now, today. 
November 2011 going to end, in another few hours from now. 

Welcoming December 2011. 
My very first anniversary with Hakim :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heads Up,

That Australia thing freak the hell out of me.
Tsktsk :'(
Sorry for the faces I've made.
You gave me a big shock there.
I honestly said, I almost cry.
I had that butterflies in my stomach, and got hold up because you're around.
I still think about it.
I miss you. 
I love you is much more important.
Please don't leave me Sayang :(

Found it :D !

The perfect wedding song,

The part when they say I do <3

This song came up. Oh, I melt just now ;) !

Found the song :D !

I love the dress. Aww, they are so sweet :)

Ze Best Date Ever ;)

Greeting Malaysian and pretty ladies out there :) !

Define : The Best Date Ever. 
When he pay you more attention that you ever asked for.

Went out to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 at GSC Pavilion.
It was superbawesome :D !

I love Bella's wedding dress. It is so pretty :D !
Adore the movie, Bella and Edward and 
Carlisle Cullen is so Handsome ! 

Okay, this is kinda weird right ? 
I, me, Qila watch Twilight. 
Okay, let me be frank. I used to hate Twilight. Hehe, before this I once said. 
This movie was over fantasy. But that one day, I watch back to back Twilight on HBO if I'm not mistaken and I fall for it and I just can't wait to see what happened.

So, this is me. Excitedly writing this over :D
Boo me for few second. Hee, I loved it. I made my boyfriend download it for me. So that I can watch it over and over again without getting bored over it. 
Jeez, qila mellowish gila -.-'

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I agree on whatever he's saying.
But I just not ready to face these stages.
Sayang, you mean the world to me. 
I promise you to promise me right ?
You remember that, always and forever.

She Left Me :(

All alone at home is ain't cool.
Hopefully Hakim take me out tonight. 
I'm eff bored -.-'

Waiting for check in. 
With me, Diba and Mak.

This morning, woke up at 7, take shower, get ready and took off.
It's just long way to KLIA.
Aj left today. 
She's in Sarawak now.
Working as Boutique Exec there at Pandora, Sarawak
*incase you didn't know what Pandora mean, just click the link there.

She said, and I made her promise that the first bracelet will be mine. 
Lots of love, be safe. Hugs <3

Happy Day :)

Just for you Nana Sayang :)

It's your happy day.
Happy 1 year and 7 monthsary Sayang :)
You guys are so cute.

I'm happy when you are.
Hopefully you guys will last longer.
I love you :) *hugskisses

Happy 27 day to the both of us.
Psst : Happy 1 year and 4 months Sayang <3


He has the longest and the prettiest eyelashes.
I'm jealous :(

11 months :)

elevenmonthsandtwodays ;)
We're getting there and lot more to come. 
Sayang, god know how much I love you.
Maybe you haven't realize this.
You been there for me when I realize my friends left me bit by bit.
You we're there for me, even do you can't be my best friend. 
But I'm surely know that you can be, the best keeper.
Of all those memories we cherish. 
I wish to make a book over it.
So that I won't get bored reading it every night before I sleep if you're not around.

You taught me a lot about life, 
You tell me we need to sacrifice over love and life.
It's a lot to adapt, but I will try.
I will surely did.

You are my everything,

Maybe one day,
You're going to leave me "Die or Left"
I'm not going to die (kill myself just for you) over you when you left one day. 
I made promises to myself.
That I'm going to go thru my life even when you're not around or no longer with us.
I'm going to stood up for myself.
I'm going to take whatever you said now and complete my journey.
You're the key to my life.

But for now, 
I live my life for you.
I promise to love you, and you promise to not let go.

I love you so much Sayang ;)

Friday, November 18, 2011

This year,

This year birthday was nothing like last year birthday.

But I'm grateful this year because I actually get to celebrate it with my one and only love ; Hakim.
It was simple, spontaneous and romantic. 
And it's a major turn on :D.

Yesterday was my day. You we're too patient with me. You took a good care of me when I get tired walking to much. You smile when I pissed you off. Hehe, 
I'm sorry sayang. I love you so much.

For the wishes I get, thank you so much. I appreciated every single wishes. 
Even the tissue Dila made for me.
Thank you so much :D

Psst : I'm nineteen and I'm grateful <3

By Mama,

Sincerely by Mama.

While waiting for Mia. Mama ask me to go and buy myself a cake. But I don't want cake. So I bought brownies. Thanks Ma,

Hafiz and Iid,

To ; Hafiz and Iid.

Thank you for cheering me up yesterday. Thank you for being patient enough when I'm around. Thank you for noticing I'm not in a good mood yesterday afternoon. 
You guys are the best. 

Love, qila :)

19 years old :)

Official nine-teen years old.

Hi, my name is Aqilah and I'm happy cause he's there with me yesterday.

For the cards you've made. For the roses you scattered. I love you Sayang ;)

For my birthday,
It may not be the one that I wish. But it's the memories that I may count until I die.
Thanks again Sayang, for the wishes, for the card and roses. 
I love you unconditionally. I hope you do too.
I'm happy enough when you're around but still can't get enough of you.

Psst : To Dila. You make me sad due to debate yesterday. But thank you for the tissue. Simple, and sincere. Sentimental value. 

Don't worry guys, I'll keep whatever gift yang you guys bagi :D

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Elly Mysara Nazapuddin ;)

Elly on the left.
Psst : Kak Nabila, sorry curi gambar Raya. 

Elly Mysara, has been my classmate since form 3 until form 5.
We sat next to each other. We're the jukebox movable machine music. We're the laugh booster in the class.
Takda kita, class sunyi je.
One day without her in the class is like me without my voice.
I miss you so much. 
How I wish you could be there on my birthday. 
We don't have your Facebook cause you said it difficult to make one or even staying in it. 
You're just so far away. It is so hard to reach you.
I miss my Elly Jepun so much that I cried while typing this all down :'(

We're so close together back then. Me, you, Naza, Nabila and Lisya.
How I wish you guys knew how I feel. 
How I wish I could stop everyone from being busy and plan a short vacay for us. Just us. 
I miss you guys so badly !

Psst : Why do you have to be so far away :(
I miss my Elly Bellaly !

Terbaik Untukmu,

I once told you. I tak pernah cuba untuk jadi perfect untuk sesiapa. 
Cuma I ingin jadi yang terbaik untuk orang yang I sayang.

I mungkin susah nak dijaga, degil untuk mendengar. 
Tapi I cuba. Cuba untuk buat you tersenyum. Macam selalu.
I love you Sayang ;)

Always need and want you by my side. Always Sayang.