Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello beautiful people :)

Yesterday is my 8 monthsary with Hakim. We went out to KL for a walk and also for berbuka puasa. Our last berbuka puasa together for this year. Lepas ni sayang nak balik da :( 
I'm pleased of what happened, I'm so happy for everything you have done. Thank you for the flower you gave me. I appreciate for everything you have done for me. I miss last night, I wish it never ends. I miss you. Come home soon. Love you sayang. xoxo.

Psst : Thanks to Iddy *hehe. Iddy da bagitau.

I love you Hunny, I love you so much <3

I'm back :)

Like usual, I been busy. 
I'm back for a week. Holiday for raya, I would have plenty of time to write here.
Till then, loves.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Greetings blogger lover :)

I haven't sleep yet, it's 4.50 in the morning. Tunggu nak Sahur.
Just got off the phone with Hakim <3.

Well, just wanted to drop by to say, 
Basically, my blog is all about 
my life at college
my family
my whole life
my bestie
my friends
of course my one and only boyfriend.

Head's up peep's. I'm warning you. It's going to be mellow-ish and gyuwe. I promise you. 
Cause my love life is so unpredictable and full of surprise. I love him for him. And I take him for who he is.

Pssst : Sahur time :D !