Sunday, July 31, 2011

This time,

I don't know how to fixed this.
Crying is quite synonym to me.
I cried again tonight.

I don't know what to say, or what should I say to him when I see him.
I don't truly miss him, I miss us. 

Now, I fail. I fall and don't know what to do. Should I stand up for myself or just walk away ?

You never listen to me, my heart. 

I'm sorry. 
I wasn't perfect, but little that you know I did try. 
I love you Muhammad Nur Hakim.
I really do, 
I just don't know what should I do next, what to say, what can I do to make you happy ?

I'm not strong, like you said. But I manage to not think about all this for 24 hours. But just now, when I open your page, tears falling. 

Pain is what I feel now Hunny, heart broken is what I experienced now. Let me be me, just for awhile.

I minta maaf, I da terlalu banyak susahkan you.
I minta maaf I tak call and text Hunny.
Bukan tak sayang.
I perlu masa.
I harap you faham.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


After talking to you last night betul betul buat I terasa. I tak call and text you sebab tak nak benda ni jadi lagi teruk. Hati I kosong. Cukup terluka. Memang I silap. Kalau betul I silap I rasa you tak perlu cakap apa yang you cakap pada I. You buat I terdiam. Betul betul speechless. I minta maaf. Maybe tu je Yang I nak cakap. I tak tau nak buat apa. Tak mampu nak explain apa apa. Pada Mata you I silap, kalau macam tu I terima. Maafkan I kalau I tak text atau tak call. I tak nak keruhkan keadaan. I tak larat nak argue dengan you. Hati I da terluka. Cukup terluka.
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Friday, July 29, 2011


I'm not gonna be the same.
For real.

I'm not mad,



Hey guys.
I'm so sorry for being so damn busy for the past few days. I promise I won't be busy when my classes start. Got a few problem here. Will talk to you guys soon.
Sincerely from my heart, I'm sorry.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Seven :)

I'm wearing :
1. Your sweater.
2. Your heart.
3. Your soul.

Seven months with you Muhammad Nur Hakim.
I can't resist you Hunny.
Not yet, 
I love you - three simple word that already explained my feeling to you.
I love you so much Hunny <3

Happy seven monthsary Hunny :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Songs :)

Listen :D

Kaulah Segalanya by Hazrul Nizam.

Boleh tak on my wedding day I want this songs to be play, over and over again.
Even lagu ni da lama sangat :D
Lagu ni sweet sangat I can die :(

Kaulah Segalanya
Kau mahu bak segala
Cinta yang ku dahaga
Kehadiran dirimu
Menyinari maka semua hatiku

Kaulah segalanya
Yang menyinari hidupku kasih
Hanya satunya
Yang kucintai

Hulur tanganmu kasih
Sambut cintaku
Jangan tinggalkan daku
Seorang diri
Tak sanggup lagi dilukai oh..

Maafkan daku
Jika salahku
Peristiwa yang pernah ku alami dulu
Aku tahu betapa pahit
Mu menerima sejarah hidupku oh..

Kaulah segalanya
Yang menyinari hidupku kasih
Hanya satunya
Yang kucintai

Sambutlah cintaku
Jangan kau pergi dari sisiku
Cintaku padamu
Ikhlas sejati
Cintaku padamu
Ikhlas sejati

Girls :)

Beautiful moment :D
Good life.
Making stupid faces.
Holding hands.
Hugs and kisses.
Best friend FORever :).
How I miss this moment :(

Cause I'm bored :O

Can I borrow you for 5 minutes Hunny ? 

Sudden Death :(

RIP Amy Winehouse.

Police confirmed that this talented 27 years old female was pronounced dead at her house.

A bee-hived, soul-jazz diva. 

OMG, I love her so much. I used to have all of her songs on my playlist.
Okay I have to say, I am a big fan of her. Not die hard fan. But I love her song. 
Who is she ? Amy Winehouse. She's very talented, she wrote her on song, her voice kills you, been in showbiz since the age of 10. Can you do that ?

You know what actually pissed me off. 
That for some people, they are actually cheering for her death. What are you trying to do ? Show up your stupidity ?  Eff her if she's a bad influence. You're forgot to mention some other artist who is actually showing a bad bad influence. 

What I mad about is, you're laughing of her death. Manusia apa tah kau ni ? One day if you die, you tengok orang gelak dekat you, Seronok ?  EFF you man !

I love jazz. She is my first jazz diva I loved. Now she's gone. RIP pretty woman. 

You know man, show some respect. If you don't like her, its okay. It never a right thing to laugh when someone died. Even she did something really bad when she's alive.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

So Far,

Greeting everyone. Happy sleeping ? I can't sleep. #blah !

Fyi, it's my holiday. I have nothing else to do, and even if I have, it's 2.30 AM. Nothing much I can actually do at this hour, except for sleep. But, I'm not in a mood of sleeping. So bear with it. 
Read if you wanna read. Click the X button if you feel a bit bored. :)

Why I wrote good vibes in bold? Cause I'm grateful for everything I have, I had, and what I'm going to get. 
So far, everything went well. Everything is flowing like I wish it to be. I make an example for it. 

I ,
am , 
extremely ,
overly ,
excited ,
when ,
guys ,
are ,
there ,
with ,
ME .

1. Me and my mum are getting along quite well. Or great I have to say. We shared a lot of stuff together. Lately. As you all know or don't know. I have a few crisis with my mother. I know, evil me ! But, it was like long time ago. Now. We're getting there. We're so close. I wanna kiss and pinched my mum every time I sees her !
Mak, I love you very much. 

2. Familia. Let me list down my permanent lovers. I got Ayah, Aj, Tj, Diba and Dila. Well, we're good. Not great. Yet, but in a process to get better and better. I'm trying to fixed it. Myself. Hurm, if you ever feel like I betrayed you guys, or anything. I am very sorry. This broken pieces need to be patch up. Soon enough. And maybe I would do that behalf of you guys. I just want Mak to be happy. I want us to be happy. Again.

3. Boyfriend. Hurm, *sigh. What do I have to do to make you feel very happy Sayang ? I would try and do anything for it. We fought, we rarely talk to each other, and then we laugh for no reason. Things are getting better. I think. Hurm, I wish it to be. I need small baby step. Changing is not my passion. But I will try. Try as hard as I can. Now I realize who I am. Thank you Hakim for being TOO sabar with my attitude. I love you so much. I want us to last forever Hunny, can we do that ?
Don't leave me. 

4. Bestie. Or I always called it 'My girls' (Nabila, Lisya, Elly, Naza). Me and Nabila speaks again. I just got from having late night dinner with Lisya. I have to admit, we been in a coma friendship. We been very quite, plain and sorrow friendship. Now, it's like we just woke up from our coma. We're talking again ! I miss talking to you guys, I wish to have you guys like before. 
Oh well, I wanna do something next month. I have something in mind. Heheh *evil laugh. I want us to be together, AGAIN !

5. Iidreen Onn Jaffar. What can I say about you. We never been bad. Memang good vibes. You're my craziest girlfriend. I can go crazy without seeing or talking to you in one day. Hahah. We talk almost everyday, or maybe like every second ! We tweet and penuhkan TL. We gossip like mad people, lepak dekat Starbucks sampai tak reti nak balik -.-' We're like on a roller coaster. Our friendship is BEYOND, everything seems to be fun and funneh ! Grr. Come home soon. I da tertulis banyak pasal you. #causeImbored ! Keep it this way. I love it, I love you mek !

Good vibes isn't it. Hmm. I'm loving my life, each and every moment. 

Alhamdulilah, so far. I have everything I needed. I am so grateful to have you guys :)

I Wish.

I have a wish or maybe wishes, 
Few things that I had planned. Long time ago, I hope I can actually accomplish it before something uninvited things came up.

But, I don't want to talk about it. 
I just want to keep it on my mind. I will always remember it.
It's my mission, something I need and have to do. 

It's like a secret. Well as for Hakim, he doesn't like secrets. 
But for this one. Please make an exception please darling <3.

Psst : Regarding my whole life, it's all about taking one step further. 
Trying to be good, or great. 
I will try as hard as I can. 
I wish, 

Extremely !

I just want you to know things you already knew. 
That one thing for sure. 
Aqilah Binti Jafar.

Muhammad Nur Hakim Bin Ismail 

That's all from me to you. Be safe, jangan naughty. Love ya.

Special Untuk Lala :D

Hello Lala, 

Lala, Qie nak cakap something ni. Sikit je tak banyak.

Qie rindu Lala. 
Lala sihat ? Lala okay ? 
Kenapa Qie baca blog Lala macam sedih je ? Qie tak suka tengok Lala marah marah and sedih. Sedih Qie baca. Awak dengan Chapeng da nak setahun kan ? Alhamdulilah. Qie memang tak tau apa yang jadi. Tapi Qie boleh agak apa yang da jadi. Lala kuat eh ? Qie tau Lala memang kuat. Anything cerita dekat Qie, kalau Lala tak keberatan, tak elok simpan semua sendiri. Makan diri nanti Lala. 

Lala tamau sedih sedih okay ? Semua orang ada untuk Lala, Qie pun ada :D,
sayang Lala. Xx

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Red Baby :D

Say hello to my new red baby <3

Bought it last Monday.
On the 11 July 2011. 


I forgot to mention.
I'm on my holiday. I ended my semester four already. 
I have two weeks of sitting and doing nothing at home *so lifeless.

For the past few days, Iddy save me from my bored land. We went out, having fun, laugh. Went to Hakim's house together. I have to say it's a nice get-away.

Went to KL to chilling around, have a nice girly talk at Starbucks. On Thursday she came again. We went out on Friday afternoon, have our lunch at JJ, Wangsa Maju. On Saturday went to Lenggeng with my parents, Mia and Iddy. It was fun, even do sesat sampai rumah Hakim. 

It was nice seeing his family, they look very happy. Not to mention - His sister is so freaking pretty. Hmm, Happy Newly Wed Kak Arfah :D

Overall, my weekend ended with some shits. I don't want to talk about it, cause it will pissed me off. Hmm, 
I'll see you when I miss you aite ?

Show me,

Can someone teach me something ?
Something simple,
Something fresh,
Something that I used to do all day long.

Do enlighten me with A SMILE 
I forgot how to curve a smile on my face. 
Everything seems wrong. 
I'm not in a good mood. 

Psssst : Can somebody teach me how to smile ? 

Hell - O

Hello and greetings nice people :)

Practically, this is me. My condition in these mean time. 
I hope you understand.

I'm sorry I didn't write much these days.
Maybe because I'm not myself lately. Hurm, I think so. 
I don't know what to babble here you see. 
So I'll see you when I miss you. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stop !

Can I go back to the time where no one is busy doing anything ? 
I just need you guys to be here, I just need you guys for a moment. I just need time to hang out.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm not mad,

Greetings Malaysia. 
How are you ? Had your lunch already ?  Doing good ? Good then.

If you read my timeline at Twitter you may see me crapping, fuck up here and there. Well actually, I'm not mad nor angry. But truly, I'm just disappointed.


For some people, I say SOME people only. MONEY, means heck a life time to them. MONEY, seems everything to them. THEY wants and needs money badly like money is some sort of their pulse or heartbeat or something.
THAT, they would die without it. 
Let me tell you something ! NOfreakingBODY died over "NO MONEY !" situation. Fuck I hate you !
NOT one doctor gonna write on your sijil kematian say "Mati disebabkan TIDAK ADA DUIT."

Look around you, for people who HAVE money, doesn't seems to care about their money. 
BUT when it come to some other people yang PERASAN kaya ni, when the see money. Macam jumpa jantan bersepah tengah bogel !

It's true what people say, people would do anything for money. People would die for money. People would go against you for money. Everything they do is for money. Ingat Allah. YourFREAKINGmoney. Tak bawak masuk kubur. 

That's all from me. Thanks.

Pssst : Please excuse my words.