Saturday, June 25, 2011

6 Months,

It's 25 June 2011.

That's mean, six months with my love Muhammad Nur Hakim. 
Hunny, through thick and thin. Thank you for everything you have done. I appreciate every single bit that you have done to me. Your words, your action, everything. Even that tiny things matter sayang. 
I give you my heart, so that you could keep it, glued it and patch on your heart, so we would stick together. No matter what happened. I will always be on your side. To hold your hand, to comfort you, listening to you. Anything, you name it. In one condition, that you wouldn't cheat or lie. That's all it takes Hunny. I love you so much. 
I love you Hunny :*

Without you,

Late post,

Four days without hearing nothing from you is just frustrating. I miss you badly. I know you would miss me more than I do,
Myself there without you is just like a plain paper. Nothing, at all. I miss youu so much :(

From Bandung with LOVE,

Hello, greetings you all.
How are you doing ? 

Well, as for me. I just got back from my holiday at Bandung. 4 days and 3 nights with my beloved mama and sissy's <3.
Starting from 21 June 2011 until 24 June 2011. 

Overall, the trip was fine, relaxing, and so on. Tho, there's a lot of miss communication but still I manage to hide it with (:D) *A smile. It's just so me right ? Well, I'm here to pleased people. So why not, make people happy is never a crime. Making a total torture to our self is a good things tho ;)

That's all from me. Still tired. Photos has been post on Facebook. Mind clicking them. 

I'll see you when I miss you.

Monday, June 20, 2011

My love,

Greetings :)

At the library on the afternoon while waiting for lunch. 
Made this for Hunny, lupa nak bagi :(
I love you truly sayang :*


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flattered :D

To my little sweetes Iddy :D
Iidreen Onn,

I'm going to Bandung this tuesday for holidays. 
See, she misses me already :(
You are so sweet !

Pssst : She made this JUST for me !
Me gonna miss you more :D

Wanted !

Muhammad Nur Hakim Bin Ismail, 
sincerely from the bottom of my heart.
Rindu dating, lama tak dating kan sayang ?

I miss you,
I miss him,
I miss Hakim,
I miss Hunny,
I miss you this second
I miss you this minute
I miss you this hours,
I miss you now,
I miss you tonight,
I miss you today,
I miss you next morning,
I miss your next afternoon,
I miss you next evening
I miss you tomorrow,
I miss you the day after tomorrow,
I miss you this week
I miss you next week
I miss you everyday SAYANG :D

I miss you every second, minute, hours, days and months sayang :)
I'm yours truly,

I'll see you soon then, I see you tomorrow aite Hunny ? :*
Pssst : Good night sayang, have a nice sleep. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Greetings, morning beautiful darlings :)

As you can see, I been very busy. Seen I hardly update my facebook and my baby bloggy.  Got a lot of thing to be done. Leak everywhere. Need to be patch up few things. I'm lost of my way here.

What's with the tittle on this post. Truth. To be truthful. 
Every story has a back story. You only listen to the good side of the story, you never knew the bad side of the story. So don't judge, don't discriminate if you don't know the real story.

It's true, what Hakim said to me "I felt sorry for you.". Not that sort of sorry like pathetic loser sorry, but sorry in terms of I can't live without few people. To be truthful, yes, I just CAN'T. Well at least I being truthful about it and just because I love them very much. And obviously I find myself very comfortable with them. So, there's nothing to be shame off. Sayang, I need them.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Uuuuuu, you are so CUTE ! 
Aaaauuuummm. ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Morning :)

You see, now I remember I have this photo :D

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Greetings :D

Hari ni sangat sangat busy, tak lekat dekat rumah langsung. Ni pun baru je balik. Dari mana ? 
Dari Seremban -.-'. Letihnyaaa :(


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm lost.

My friends keep coming to me and say "Everything going to be alright." I'm sorry guys, I doubt.

I can hardly smile with sincerity, you can hardly sees me laughing out loud.
I'm just tired of all this, 
One things for sure, that I doubt the most. One question. Am I happy ?

Where can I find my happiness ? I never seems to found it clearly. 

It's a lie if in those days I'm not happy, with my friend and my boyfriend. It's just that, sometime I'm NOT allowed to show that I'm grumpy. Semua nak marah I. Hmm, so what I did is : I pretend. I pretend that I'm HAPPY while I'm not. I pretend to laugh LOUDLY while I don't feel like doing it. I fake my SMILE when someone ask me to smile for them. I'm sorry you guys, I'm not myself. I hope you understand my situation. Hmmmmm.
Till then, 
I see you when I miss you aite ?


Evening you guys, 

Hello ?
I'm not in a good mood today. 
Woke up quite late today, cause of my fever-ish. Hmm, right now I'm on my bed while reading Information System chapter 3. Suddenly all my problems pop out one by one and I rasa tak selesa langsung. And of course, you know qie. Sah sah nangis punya. Habis timeline penuh dengan qie marah marah and suddenly menangis. 

Hmm, qie tak marah sangat, tak sedih sangat. But one thing for sure. I am very disappointed. Sebab apa ? Banyak sebab la, bila tak puas hati, bengang, all sort of feeling ada everything went wrong. Benda boleh buat pun tak boleh jalan. Soalan yang kita boleh jawab elok elok such as "Dah makan ?" pun jadi gaduh sebab qie terjawab dengan nada yang kasar. 

Hmm, qie mintak maaf. Qie tengah stress.

Kalau qie stress apa pun tak jadi, apa pun tak betul. Semua tak menentu. Tak senang nak buat apa pun. Semua benda boleh menaikkan kemarahan. Hmm, qie mintak maaf sekali lagi. 

Kadang kadang ada perasaan tak puas hati, kenapa kena jaga perasaan orang sedangkan perasaan sendiri terluka ? Kenapa orang tak boleh nak faham kita macam mana kita faham dia ? Kenapa kita boleh ikut cara dia and dia tak boleh nak terima cara kita ? Apa semua ni ? Dugaan ? I tak faham. Hmmm. Serabut sangat kepala. Kenapa la semua ni nak datang sekarang ? Qie tak jemput pun, dia datang jugak.

The worst thing ever, sampaikan semangat nak study pun tak da. Bukan pasal study je, semangat nak buat apa apa pun tak da. Sikit pun qie da tak nak amik tahu. Qie rasa tak kuat sangat. Dengan masalah yang muncul tanpa diundang. Haihs. Tension-nya. Ermmmm.

Rimas la, rimas dengan semua ni. Errghh ! 

Maybe I'm lost on my own way. 

June, please help me get back up. Hmm.


I am officially mad at you. 
I don't want to talk.
I hope you understand. 

What you said was so hurtful. 
Till then,
I'll see you when I miss you okay ?

Psssst : Mad fever. Sorry.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Must buy,

Sponggy shirt

 Cotton On yellow shoe. 

I'm in love with YELLOW :D


Yellow kurung's :D 
At last.

Enlighten me,

Please, feel free to HATE me.
I am hate-able.
You can hate me if you hate me :)
Do whatever you want, do whatever you need.
I don't give a damn.
I don't need you in my life, I never seems to care if you're in it or not.
Please and thank you.
I'll see you soon.
Till then,

Thank you Hunny,

Hello my dear lover <3
How are youu ? I miss you badly. Duhh, memang pun. I can't sleep, maybe because I haven't call you yet.

Hunny, remember last month is one hell of a month for us. We're both facing problems, we didn't communicate well. Fought all the time, shit's happened. I cried almost every night, pretending that I hate you when I can't. That's for sure. Our life turns upside down, we're getting apart from each other. There is so many things happened. Something ugly, something bad. Sampai I mimpi all the weird stuff. But still I don't know what messages does the dream about. They say it's a crap, but I do believe in it. 

That is particular our bad things,

But started from yesterday or two days before, we're getting better. Better, good, fun, everything. I just love you more and more, and it made me miss you more than ever ! Heheh *mellowish pulak kan ? Plsh, qie kan ? Sometimes we fight, kekadang perlu jugak kan Hunny ? 
Hunny, I just nak cakap thank you for being there, to support me, to love and care for me more and more each day, I promise I'll do better in this relationship. I want us to last forever. I love you Hakim, I don't want to let you go. You are totally my private property <3. 
Thank you for everything that you have done. I felt appreciated, I felt love, I felt everything is beautiful, wonderful and colorful when you're around. My hearts are fill with you.

Everything matter, even that little things matter. Remember this and always, I will always love and care for you, just like what you did to me. I miss you so much that I cried sometimes. That's when I love you. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Jumaat :)

Today Hunny datang college after solat Jumaat wearing purple baju melayu. Awww. Comel sangat. Mula mula cakap la kat Cik Mimi, "Siapa la yang rajin pakai baju melayu siang siang buta ni ?"
Rupa rupanya sayang I ni. Alahai, siap dengan sampin lagi. Nasib baik tak pakai songkok, kalau pakai tak tau la I. Dah macam abang ustaz nak mengajar mengaji pun ada.

Anyway, I just want you to know that. I love man's in Baju Melayu. They are so sexy. So that makes you are my sexy boyfriend :*


Where are you ? Somewhere inside KLCC with Daus. 
Pssst : Have fun shopping Hunny. 

I'm missing the whole lot of me. I macam hilang something tapi tak tau apa ? Hmmm.

When I miss you, I drop down terribly break down. 
When I miss you, I cried.

Typical me. I miss you, I cry. 
Even if I see you everyday, but still it's not enough. I need some private conversation with you Hunny. 
Hunny, I want you to be here. I want to be there tomorrow. Hmmm.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My girl.

I miss MY GIRL.

Letak dekat kunci Hunny. Last last tercabut. Grrr. 

Comel kan ? Hehe :)


After few hours of buat muka and tak bercakap to each other. He left me with Ajiem dekat kedai makan. He got things to do. I texted him. Tiba tiba tak deliverd. Apa lagi bising la kat situ. Hmm. Nak buat macam mana kan ? Phone dia mati. Tak da battery. Lepak la dengan Ajiem, 2 jam.

Later nak dekat pukul 4.30, Zul text. Hakim cakap datang Wangsa Walk. Dia ajak. Hmm, at first fikir jugak takut dia marah lagi kan. So yeah lama jugak fikir. Then ikut kan je la. Pegi la Wangsa Walk. 
Sampai je LRT Sri Rampai punya la panas. Sumpah malas nak jalan. Heheh, apa lagi naik cab la pegi Wangsa Walk. Haha, yes membazirkan ? Alaa, penat la jalan. Dah la panas. Tape, bukan selalu.

Went straight to A&W. He offer me a drink, tapi I cakap tak nak. Borak borak sampai 6.30. Then dia nak hantar I balik. Tapi bila I cakap, macam mana la I nak naik motor dengan kain ni ? Then he like a'ah la you pakai kain -.-' Aduh boyfie aku ni. Hahah, pegi toilet kejap, withdraw duit kat maybank then dia hantar I pegi taxi stand. 

Things go back like they we're. Awww. I miss you so bladi much. I so wanna kiss and hug you.

Full of regret.

I wish I could take all my words back.
I beg you for your forgiveness. I'm sorry for being rude. I don't want you to be mad at me. I'm sorry, I disappoint you. I'm sorry I cried just now. I'm sorry for making your life harder. 
I am,
Mad at myself, for letting you down. 
I'm sorry for being such a stupid girlfriend. 
I'm sorry you're mad at me for my stupid words. I'm sorry Hunny. 
This morning. When I call you to wake you up cause last night you call me and I didn't pick up cause I slept already and I don't feel so good. I remember you said to me you miss me. And you said "I hope today going to be a beautiful day for me and you."

I'm so sorry for ruining your day. I promise I'll talk nicely. I won't be sarcastic assess. I promise I'm not gonna let you down. I love you so much Muhammad Nur Hakim Ismail <3

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthday :)

For my birthday on November nanti.

Special request : Mak, ayah. Kakak, adik. Boyfriend, friends. I tak nak mintak banyak. I cuma nak ni je :D. Mesti boleh kan ? Mana ada susah aite ? Heheh. I tuntut k.

17 November. Always remember k :*

Hungr-eh !

MUST have these. #dangeralert -.-' 
teehee. I'm bored. Sue me.

*Breath taking. Awwwhhh. 


Hello, greetings people :D

Lupa pulak, today da 1 June 2011 :D

Welcoming June :)
Hello June 2011.

Coolblog :)

Last night cool blog :D 
Nyum nyum, this is like my second cool blog for this year. 
Mocha <3
I love it. 

Class time,

Forgive me miss :)
Hehe, nampak sangat muka mengantuk -.-'. 
Candid by Iidreen Onn. Jeezz. Ihatechu. Hihihi.