Thursday, March 31, 2011

20 Minutes

20 Minutes more, April will pay a visit. A long vacation. 1 month.

Firstly, I want to thank god I still have today, to thank him for the fresh air, for my every beat of my heart beat. I thank god for all that has ever happened to me, alhamdullilah.
So far, I'm loving March 2011, March has not be as fun like December but I still love March. There is too much memories, sentimental values I got there. Untold stories I guess. March bring me more joy, busyness, nauseous, excitement, pain, tears, fighting, getting back together, yelling and screaming. All in it. Full packages.
I thank god I'm still alive. Amin.
I pray for all living things in Allah's muka bumi. Insyallah. 

April will be visiting soon. So, see you in April.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Saya bosan, tak da siapa nak layan perangai and kerenah saya. Macam mana ? 
Kawan kawan busy buat assignment, saya da siap. Saya boring sebab semua busy, tak da siapa nak layan saya. 
Boyfriend keluar dengan kawan kawan. Rindu pulak dengan budak tu. Geramnya. Dah la free call tapi tak reti reti nak call. Tangechi betul. Macam tu la melayu campur dengan Kalai *classmate. 
Okay, sebenarnya tengah bosan. Dah habis timeline da saya penuhkan kat Twitter tu sebab tak orang nak layan saya, so membebel la sorang sorang kat sana. Facebook ni lopek, line kawan kita sorang lagi tu pun cam harem pulak. So tak boleh nak gossip gossip. Aiyaa. Tak syok macam ni. Nak tidur la macam ni. Huish, terasa macam dugong. Heheh, ye saya gemuk. SO saya comel. Saya tau -.-' *bapak perasan. K jangan layan. Case kritikal boring ni sebenarnya. Dah boleh la sign out and shut down lappy. Esok ada class pagi. BUSY BUSY esok :/ yucks. Lusa ada presentation. Euuuuwww. Kbye, esok kita cakap lagi. Maaf la saya merepek, meraban, mencapap *ish ayat gila rempit* kat sini. Hehe. K la, lagi lama lagi teruk sakit jiwa ni. TTYL.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Haven't sleep yet :D

Off to PD in few hours. Me and iidy haven't sleep yet. Gaaahhhh. Kbyeeee

Surprise :D

Heheh, 26 March 2011 :)

Happy birthday my hunnybee. Eventho I came and surprised you early but we hang out till your birthday came. I was hoping for you to be there with me tomorrow at PD :(. But I know you couldn't make it. You have classes till evening. It's okay, study first :D

Okay, I made a surprise for Hakim, by coming to Damai without telling him. He was actually merajuk dengan I cause I didn't reply his text message. -.-' alahai macam I tak kenal you. So on my way to your hostel, I called you and ask you bla bla bla. Then tetiba I cakap "I tengah jalan ni dengan Iid. I kat Damai, mai la keluar." You like "Apa you cakap ni ? Jangan tipu la. main main *with your happy tak confident and weird voice you like hmmm okay okay kejap " :D Hehehhehehe.

You went out and see me and Iid outside of the gate, you just got up from bed. Hehehe, dengan senyum macam kerang busuk (Yang paling I rindu tuu) I hand over the cupcakes :D :D
I am so happy, even tho for me it's nothing much. Ini je yang mampu :(

I really miss you hunny. So we went out for dinner and hang out until midnight. Aj pick me up later after that. Awwwwww. How I miss your kiss :* how I wish I could hug you just now :D

P/s : Oh oh, I made a card for him. A birthday card and I ordered him cupcakes. :D It look super duper yummy. See seee :D

I just love the BEE's :D :D 
I love you Muhammad Nur Hakim, I know you will do great after this. Insyallah :D You will succeed in your own way. I believe in you. Cause I know who you are, you can do it cause I know you want things to be like they were :D
Everything going to be just fine Hunny :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friday :)

Friday, come soon. I miss my boy. 
Grrr. Hope to see him before PD *kalau dia bangun pagi -.-'.
This week has been quite a great and busy week for us. Me and him have to finish all of our final project. So effing busy. I wish I could sat down with him and just talk, non stop. Like we always does. I really miss him. You are my strength hunny. There is no way I am strong enough to face all the tenseness's. Thank god. I still got time to talk to you 15 minutes per day. You're just getting busier than before. Class packed till afternoon, rugby in the evening, assignment at late night and then we have to go to bed. Urgh, cepat la habis and final, I want to rest ! I miss you badly -.-'
Friday : It's going to be a one whole of special day for us. I love you Muhammad Nur Hakim <3, it will never end. *I wish it will be :*
You know I love you, I know you love me too.

Presentation :)

Week of presentation. Today I have to present our multimedia's final project. BUT, miss rejected our presentation and I have to re-do it again -.-' aiyakk. Tired ohh. Tomorrow we're going to present it again and hand the reports. On friday we have to present english, an oral. Urgh, I hate oral -.-' It stink and it suck :/

So tired, I wish it end now :( gonna be busy before Port Dickson this saturday. Gonna finish everything baru boleh vacay :D

Monday, March 21, 2011

The girl,

I'm the girl who seemed unbreakable, broke. I'm the girl who always laughed, cried. I'm the girl that never stopped trying, finally gave up. Dropped fake smile as a tears rolled down my cheek and said to myself that "I can't do this anymore". I felt so empty, like an empty can. It's just to hurt to know that I can't actually figure it out what makes me feel this way. Whenever I'm hurt, I don't want to talk. I just wear fake smile, tell everything is okay, but actually they aren't. In my life the word 'BUT' is a must. Theres so many obstacles. Sometimes, I smile thru my aching heart, just to pleased people. I hide tears from laughing out loud with my friends.My feelings get very cozy like the weather. The rain means I'm crying inside. The cloudy and windy saying I'm torn apart inside. Where is my sunshine ? I make silly joke with silly faces just to cover myself from wondering around.

Filled !

FUCKED UP overdose with these pills. Dayyum. Hmmmmmm.
Everything makes me feel uneasy. He haven't call yet. Lagi meroyan. Kbye.

Genius Enough

Only a fake smile and perfect fake laugh can cover all the pressure and tenseness's. When you have tons of things, wondering around in your mind you came across to make a lot of possibilities, a stupid irrelevant shit. Human habits. I need something to distract my mind. Any ideas ? Hmmmm. 


Happy Monday :)

Hmmm, nak cerita apa ? Entah la, kusut tetiba. 
Badan letih, mata ngantuk, kaki sakit, nyamuk banyak gigit, sejuk kena hujan, tak mandi lagi macam macam la. Tapi tak boleh jugak nak tidur, baring je atas katil semua benda nak fikir, pusing kanan macam tu. Pusing kiri jangan cakap la, sama la. Kenapa la macam ni ? Tak tenang langsung. Kenapa jadi macam ni ? Tadi tunggu Iid dekat LRT Sri Rampai, lagi buat I pikir macam macam, benda yang tak penah terlintas di kotak pemikiran pun terkeluar sama. Macam mana ? Terasa dalam hidup I ni semua benda salah. Banyak persoalan. Tapi satu pun tak terjawab. Setiap masa makin banyak ada la. Hidup ni serba tak lengkap. Haihhs, mengeluh je la bila hidup tunggang langgang. Macam macam nak fikir, penyelesaian tak da jugak. Kenapa macam ni ? Pressure-nya hanya tuhan saja yang tahu. Stress, semua tuhan je yang tahu. Kesedihan, keperitan hanya tuhan je yang nampak. Selagi tak diberitahu seorang pun tak akan sedar. Tak tau da macam mana. Tak nampak pun jalan keluar. Hidup ni macam 'maze', kalau kita jumpa jalan keluar kita selamat. Kalau kita jumpa jalan mati, hidup ni macam terkapai kapai. Haihhs, letih. 

*maafla memekak dan membebel tak pasal kat sini. Bila otak da tak berapa nak betul. Ni la yang jadi.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I don't feel the love anymore. Are they started to fade away ? Am I missing something ? Is he going to leave me ? Oh my god. Please save our relationship. I don't want to lose him. Even in a tiny bit. Even for a small changes, even with the tone of his voice, everything matter. I don't want this to end. I am hoping for him to know that my love for him is permanently. I just love you too much Muhammad Nur Hakim Ismail.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Without bothered knocking, you just came right thru me. These uninvited feeling make me feel uneasy, make me wanna scream and stop talking, only words can express how I feel now. With how much I need someone to talk to now, but later on I don't. The feelings kinda scramble, up and down. Mixed up, whatever shit. It's totally unable to explained. I'm tired, but I don't want to sleep. I don't feel like doing anything. Getting mood less, heartless. Everything is going to be less-er after this. Hmmmmm. Hunny, I need you. I don't want to talk, I just need a hug. A warm and big comfy hug from you, you comfort me good. 
Suddenly everything when wrong, and I couldn't find reasons for it. 
I'm happy enough this morning till afternoon. 
All of the sudden after I had my shower, everything when totally wrong. I don't feel like talking when I called you just now hunny, but I was hoping for you to feel something's wrong with me and you just talk like you used to, giving advises like you used too. Hmmmmmm. Unfortunate you're just to busy with your friends, hmm. It's sokay. It's not you. It's me. Have fun watching football tonight. 
I hate myself. Kbye, 

Laugh Out Loud.

Hahaha, tadi saje je google my name and tetiba keluar nama Friendster -.-' zaman budak budak. Kelakar la bila tengok balik. Aduhh. Malu pulak tetiba. Ayat berterabur, ayat rempit semua ada. Kritikal gelak bila baca tu semua. ANDD, dah bukak cerita lama, keluar la gambar zaman 'kegemilangan dulu'. OMEGOD. Dulu kurus gila -.-' pressure je tengok gambar ni. Bila la boleh kurus macam ni. Form 3 kot gambar ni. Keluar pegi Shah Alam dengan Aj, Naza and Nabila. Astaga lama gila la. Muka gila different. Waaaa, sedih tengok. Nak good in shape balik :(

DULU : Form 3

NOW : Form 5 

-..- gemuk gila la now. Pressure :(

Just Discovered.

Just now , browsing into links at facebook. And I found this video posted by my junior. Yaya. 
Listen. Watch the video, and read the articles. Maybe you guys knew about this. Blah,  I just found out about this -.-' k, hayati la. Sedih sangat. Where would you find a guy like this in this mean world ? Hmmm.

Chris Medina wows American Idol by singing to his brain damaged fiancée

Chris Medina last night introduced his brain damaged fiancée to the judges of American Idol.Chris Medina wows American Idol by singing to his brain damaged fiance
The 26-year-old Idol hopeful stunned audiences at home and in the studio by performing a heart rending rendition of The Script’s“Breakeven” for his wife-to-be Juliana.
Juliana Ramos was involved in a near fatal car crash in 2009 and her recovery has been a slow and painful one, but last night Medina sang his heart out for her.
Chris, who lives in Oak Forest, Illinois, near Chicago, astounded the judges with his excellent performance at the Milwaukee auditions, which the public got to see for the first time last night.
The story of Chris and Juliana was clearly a moving one and the judges asked Chris to bring his fiancé onstage so they could meet her. The coffee shop worker duly obliged and wheeled her up.
They took it in turns to shake hands, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame told her that she must be the reason Chris’s performance was so powerful, and he told her, “It’s why he’s so good.”
Medina was then rewarded by the judges for his display, who sent him through to Hollywood week, and popular opinion is that Medina will continue to do well throughout the contest and its many stages.
Chris and Juliana have been together for 8 years and have been engaged for 2.
He looks after Juliana with help from her mother, and despite not being married yet he is already upholding the values of marriage, honouring his relationship and commitment – ‘in sickness and in health’.
‘What kind of guy would I be when she needed me the most?,’ asked Chris who wrote a song for Juliana when she was hospitalized after the crash in 2009.
You’d be the guy most women dream of meeting Chris.
Please share your thoughts about Chris Medina’s performance last night by leaving a comment.
Songs and lyric : What Are Words, by Chris Medina,
Anywhere you are, I am near
Anywhere you go, I'll be there
Anytime you whisper my name, you'll see
How every single promise I keep
Cuz what kind of guy would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most

What are words
If you really don't mean them

When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times

Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, They never go away
They live on, even when we're gone

And I know an angel was sent just for me
And I know I'm meant to be where I am
And I'm gonna be
Standing right beside her tonight
And I'm gonna be by your side
I would never leave when she needs me most

What are words
If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, They never go away
They live on, even when we're gone

Anywhere you are, I am near
Anywhere you go, I'll be there
And I'm gonna be here forever more
Every single promise I keep
Cuz what kind of guy would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most

I'm forever keeping my angel close

Where would you find someone like this ?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Long Distance,

Lepas 11 tahun tak reti naik motor, FINALLY. Today qie catat rekod naik motor dengan hunny :D
Hhehe. For the 1st time naik motor kan. Bapak jakun -.-' bosan. Kbyee.

Kena bangun awal, esok ada event : Larian Amal. Go go MMC

Rugby :D

Hello :D
I'm still at college. Hakim going to send me back home after this. I spend half of my days at college today to finish my FM's assignment. It wasn't easy okay ! -.-' I hate it, after this I have to go back home and computerized it all. Angah and iid at the college with me. Angah helped me and Iid trying finish her proposal.
It's raining and it's already late, so die hard la ni. Suruh Hakim hantar balik rumah. I'm tired and I don't want to go home all alone. Mak is not home yet, still at S.A with I don't know who la. 

Kelakar tengok Hakim and my class mate main rugby. *Hakim garang gila -.-' 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ka-ching $ $ $,

Money is not GOD. Thanks :D

Why is everybody so obsessed?
Money can’t buy us happiness.
If we all slow down and enjoy right now
Gurantee we’ll be feelin
All right.

Nak Jugak !

8 march 2011. Me Aj and Sahzali went to uptown Danau Kota. 

It's Aj's birthday, mum made a big big surprise by doing a surprise PIZZA day. Hehe, on her way home she stop by at Pizza Hut and order 4 boxes of pizza *for Aj's. Variety I tell you. Dah boleh buat kenduri da. So yeah, she came home and say "Pegi bukak pintu" and I like "Siapa pulak yang ada kat pintu tu ?" and she went to the toilet, suddenly pizza's delivery boy horn. So I'm like, who ordered pizza ? It's already PAID -.-' Aj and me dah like totally blur. 
Go back into the house and ask mum, siapa order ? Then she like senyum macam kerang busuk -.-' dayyum mummy. Ngada. Heheh, surprise sangat k. 

So I HAVE to prepared everything for the birthday girl, as the birthday girl are TOO busy watching Hindustan in the middle of evening. One a hole crazy women. *I don't have issues with Hindustan, I have problem with her watching it while I want to watch other channel. 

So, get back to the stories. After we have our dinner with Aj's friend. We are like so damn FULL. So Aj ask me "Nak pegi uptown ? Go get dress." So dah sampai Danau, jalan jalan pusing banyak kali. Suddenly I scream. Arrrrrr. I want it. Hhehe, 

They are so cute right ? Arrrr. I want it, kura kura yang sangat comel. qie suka :D :D
When I was 12 I ada kura kura. And then they died. 2 of them.
So I wanted a new one. I want 2 of them. Arrrrgghh. So cuteee.  
:D :D

P/s : Siapa rajin nak belanja ? ? *winking ;)

Badly Want It.

Arrrrggghh. I want it so badly :( 
You all must be wondering. Tah apa tah budak ni nak dengan jersey ni. Arsenal pulak tu kan. 

Actually I want to give this for Hunny 21st birthday. This upcoming 26 March 2011. Hmmm :( My hunny da tua da. Hehe,
I know how badly you want this jersey. I tried. BUT, y'know. *sadsad. Hmm. 
Couldn't say anything more. *tsktsk. :'(
I'm sorry Muhammad Nur Hakim. :*

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cares ? NO !

Kay, it really suck to know that "few" of brainless shit keep talking and talking about someone very important in my life and who are these people in your life if you wanna talk about ? 
You know nothing about my past, don't go around and say things. YOU have no right. IF, mulut kau tu tak boleh jaga. Orang kalau mulut macam shit, cakap apa pun shit kan ? People may accept you, but I don't. Mr. Popular la sangat. Erghh, 
I once owe you. But not to you. *deep breath. You know this is not easy for me to say things here cause you're my senior and I owe you, so like hmm. Whatever. -.-'
No matter how much I owe you. But please, I just need some respect from you. I don't really care what you said, and what you're going to say. I don't give a shit.
Jangan sibuk hal orang. Boyfriend aku kan ?

Wanna know something ? 
I don't need a rich, snobby, sarcastic, good look, judgmental boyfriend. What I need is : a boyfriend who is not gonna cheat and lie to me. FOR GOOD. That's all. Nothing else matter, and definitely : I don't need a boyfriend who are currently with 2 or 3 girlfriends at times. At least I know Hakim is not like that. 
Kau dengan dia tu tak sama. Jangan nak cakap pasal orang bila kau tu bini 2 3 -.-' bodoh !


Saturday, March 12, 2011


Oh my god. This is super sad. :(
Tsunami in Japan

Am watching Berita at TV3. It's devastating, heart breaking and all. Thank god Malaysia fine. Till today. Insyallah.
and it's kinda suck to see, read, and watch some stupid shit make fun of them. HELLO. People DIED. Think PLEASE !

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Video making :)

Hari ini, spend half of my days with Iddy. 
Iddy sampai rumah I at 12 macam tu, then we prepare nak buat video for flash. BUSY. 
Pegi playground and buat video kat sana. 
Hope it will be the BOOM. Hehhe, it was fun actually. Tapi today tak makan lagi. LAPAR. Penat dan bosan. 
Kejap lagi nak tidur Kg. Baru tidur sana dengan Nana, Piqa and Fira. We're working on our Financial Management's final project. BIG euwwyyy. Next week kena hantar ! Argghhhh.
TIRED. Kbyee

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mother Daughter

Last Saturday. While I am TOO busy doing my assignment Mak came up to my room to kacau me and. Sebab gaduh and argue dengan ayah. Tend to sleep at my room but she was actually end up 'Mengadu nasib' *haha mengada ngada kan.

Mak want me to know about what Tok Yam told her when Tok Yam's admitted at Johor Bahru hospital that day. They *families wishes that we *siblings could be like we used too. Hmmmm ? Big question mark there. I mean are we going to get back together like we used too ? Hmm. It will. 
One DAY. It just won't happened today. Broken hearts doesn't heal in one day. For some reason it can, if she *sissy wanted to. We didn't mean to be alter mean and ego. We been drowning in broken hearts for TOO long. We been hurt. It's not easy for us to accept every single things she did right ? 
A big sister gotta do what a big sister gotta do.

Lots of stories that we shared. I miss this moments. Me and my mum aren't in the same ship for the past few years. We argue, we fought. A lot of misunderstanding back then. Now I'm getting there. Getting back on track with her. Somehow she finally understand me for good. Even sometime we had our moments :)

Zuraidah Yusoff. I love youuu 

Monday, March 7, 2011


Sorry for the late entry babe. 
BTW, I only have 30 minutes to 8 March 2011 :) I still have the chance to make a short post about you. 

Liyana Adilla Mohd Asri. 20 years old *Gahhhh, semua da tau birthday Dila. No more teens for you babe. 

Happy birthday again babe. I love you. 
Hehe, no unicorn this year :( sorry. 
NO $$$$ :'(

Thanks for everything babe :*

Cool !

Actually I'm in love with Sara Barellies new song in the name of King of Anything. Wanna watch her video, go and youtubing the song and I found this. 

Sam Tsui

Okay Imma massive obsessive. I'm into HIM badly. Kay, don't blame me. He is so cute and so cool. 

He is WAYY cooler than any epic acapella  video in youtube. He remind me of Kurt in Glee's. Look at his video. It's funny how he's flirting with the camera with sound effect and such. 
Click the video ! You will love it. He is sho cool :D
Hahaha *Hunny jangan mara k.

Better in Time.

I'm the happiest girl on earth. 
Maybe at times, we need to fight. We need to be apart. SOMETIMES only okay ! 
Up and down, and fighting in the relationship is a must. Get back together with you *I mean like talking to you after 7 days may have resulted in bruised ego and wounded heart.
I have to say, I had comes to one situation where I thought it would ended there. But it DIDN'T. I'm sorry for the things that I have done. You and me have swallow to much pain. We had our misunderstanding, argument, tears, pain, broken heart, regret, aggrieved and through out last night spending hours talking after not talking to each other for 7 days is what we needed for the sake of our relationship. Miscommunication. Misunderstanding. Stupid mistake can break us into a million pieces. 

I miss you my Hunnyb. 

Now I understand bit by bit about our relationship. A small crack can lead to big ones also it might end up collapse one day. 
No Hunny. I'm not gonna let that happens. I will cover it, patch it. I will do anything to make it look prettier outside and inside. 
We both had our promises that we will do anything to make this relationship works and ignored wounded hearts. I know we can. I know you love me. You know I love you too. 
I miss your voice. I miss your laugh. And finally after 7 days. After few hours talking on the phone with you I can actually put a big smile on my face at last. Ear to ear. Hearing you laugh, your voice *even when you're serious. I don't care. I miss you my boy. We missed every information about each other. With the things going on with our days. We kinda forgot about each other schedule.We are getting busier as we are MUCH MUCH closer to FINALS -.-'.

I miss everything about you. Trough thick and thin, I am hoping for us to keep holding on. Love can bring us back :*

Relationship can be complicated and confusing at times. Things go wrong. Simple step can lead us to breaking up. Thank god it didn't happened to me. Hunny, knows that I hurted you so bad. I promise I'll do what you said. I tried my best. I just want you to be happy. I just want you in my life. 

Tiada yang lain selain dirimu sayang ---------> Hakim Ismail ♥. ------>    



Hey Hakim Ismail.

Maybe you noticed it. 
That I have been crying my eyes out, every single night starting from 28 February 2011. And you just plainly ignored me. I know what I did was wrong. Maybe you get bored with my attitude and such, cause of I kept doing the same mistake over and over again. Y'know how much I miss you. You didn't pick up my call cause you said you need time and respect. Kay, I get it. Truly get it Hunny. But until when ? You have to face me tomorrow, or sooner or later. Stop running away from me B. I miss my boy. So badly. I'm eager to see you. 

Watching you by far is so hurtful. Lowered down your ego Hunn. Recently I have been swallow all this pain. And I don't want do it again. Hunny, I regret. I shouldn't leave you that day. Please come back to me. I really miss my Muhammad Nur Hakim. I really DO ! 

 We need to talk. I hate waking up 3 or 4 in the morning looking at my phone and there is not 1 miscall or message from you. I miss everything. I miss HIM. ALL about HIM. Hunny. Please come back. I need my Hunnyb.


Friday, March 4, 2011

I Hate You !

I hate you so much !
I don't want you :( 
I need you but you don't have time for me. Y'know somehow you need to talk to me one day. Make time for me, AT LEAST.


I watched you walk out of my life, I'm not gonna let that happens again. I miss you Muhammad Nur Hakim, I wish you knew. 
I promise I will be a better person, like I promise you. I'm sorry may not be enough, but listen to my words hunny. I really am. Sincerely.

Take a good care of yourself while I'm gone. Te amo baby love.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I don't know what happened to you. I don't know what's wrong. I don't know how things could possible go wrong. What happened ? Why ? 
You know what Hunny, it's a already been a month. 1 month, no more hang out, no more communication, no more understanding. 
We're missing a lot more of each other. The best word to describe is "We're not like we used too." 
Don't you get it ? I mean, what's wrong ? What happened ? Did I do something wrong ? At least tell me, don't running around and leave me all by myself. I'm not used to this. 
I'm not used to be alone, you always be right there beside me, you knew my stories. You should understand me better, stop being selfish I know you been tired and such but AT LEAST say something to me, don't leave me with a lot of question running in my head. 

Try harder, I miss ya boyfriend.

Exit Door,

Exit door ? What is that ? Exit door means way out. 
Example : We're getting close to finals, life's turn upside down because of Mr. Assignment. Me and Mr. Assignment became more closer than before, I have been searching and looking a long way. But still haven't found my exit door. There is no way out after been hooked to Mr Assignment. Urgh. *Breathe qie.

I have been chained to my lappy !
Sekarang lappy and me dah macam bestfriend. Everyday tengok, tekan tekan, picit picit semua. Lappy dah macam handphone. Kena bawak everyday. Kalau tak da susah nak buat kerja. 
Getting busier with all the assignment, need to test and present next week. Two weeks before final. Need to pass up all the tutorial before next week to calculate carry marks.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


By Aina's Notes

To all girls and boys out there. Especially boys la, you have to read these and understand.

1. When a girl says she's sad, but she isn't crying, it means she's crying in her heart.

2. When she ignores you after you've done something wrong, it's best to give her some time to cool down before touching her heart with an apology.

3. A girl can't find anything to hate about the guy she loves (which is why it is so hard for her to 'get over him' after the relationship's over.)

4. If a girl loves a guy, he will always be on her mind every minute of the day, even
though she flirts with other guys.

5. When the guy she likes smiles and stares deep into her eyes, she will melt.

6. A girl likes to hear compliments, but usually not sure how to react to them.

7. When a particular guy flirts with a girl very often, a girl would start thinking the guy likes her. So if you treat a girl just as a friend, go easy on the smiles and stare ok?

8. If you don't like a girl who likes you, break it to her gently.

9. If a girl starts avoiding you after you reject her, leave her alone for a while. If
you still treat her as a friend, talk to her.

10. Girls enjoy talking about what they feel. Music, poetry, drawings and writing are ways of expressing themselves (which explains why most girls like writing journals).

11. Never tell a girl that she is useless in anyway.

12. Being too serious can turn a girl off.

13. When the guy she likes calls her for the first time, the girl may act uninterested during the call. But as soon as the phone is back on the hook, she will whoop with joy and immediately start telephoning her friends to spread the news.

14. A smile means a lot to a girl.

15. If you like a girl, try making friends with her first. Let her get to know you.

16. If a girl says she can't go out with you because she has to study, leave.

17. But if she still calls you or expecting a call from you, stay.

18. Don't try to guess a girl's feelings. Ask her.....

19. Hearing the words "I love you" is a great reassurance to a girl that she is beautiful.

20. After a girl falls in love with a guy, she'll wonder why she never noticed him before.

21. If you need tips on how to flirt with a girl, read romance stories.

22. When class pictures come out, a girl would first check who is standing next to her crush before actually looking at herself.

23. A girl's ex-crush will always be in her memory, but the guy she loves now stays in her heart.

24. Girls love having fun!

25. A simple 'Hi' can brighten a girl's day.

26. A girl's best friends usually know best what she is feeling and going through.

27. Girls hate it when a guy pays attention to them just to get close to their 'prettier' friend.

28. Love means devotion, caring and happiness to a girl, in that order.

29. Some girls care about looks, some care about brains, but ALL girls want a guy who will love and care for them.

30. Girls want nothing more than to feel loved.

March March March !

Hello my deary March, you came AGAIN :)
Heheh, March is equal to RM0.00. Haha, wanna know why. It's his birthday. -.-' mati I. 
Pun boleh dah, pegi petik pokok kan sekarang ni nak pegi beli birthday present :|

My MARCHY Wishes :)

 Aqilah J Aziz 

 welcome to 2011 family :)

 Aqilah J Aziz
 to be as fit as before :D Then boleh camping dekat Broga :) Nak joinnn ? :p

March Activities, and Important DATES
  • Aj's *Big sissy birthday 8 March
  • Ayah's birthday 12 March
  • Elly's birthday *BFF 17 March
  • Nabila's *BFF birthday 18 March
  • 3rd Monthsary with Hakim Ismail *Beloved Boyfie 25 March
  • Hakim's *Beloved Boyfie birthday 26 March
  • Iddy's project management's event at Genting 27 March
  • 8th Months with Hakim Ismail 27 March
Macam mana duit tak habis -.-'