Thursday, December 30, 2010

Long Time,

It's been awhile, 
I finally received a phone call from my best friend. Or I have to say my ex-best friend. We haven't speak to each other for quite long time due to few things in our different path of life. *blame no one but yourself

Things get a bit shitty when my second semester started. From bad to worse stage. 
I was to scared to face her. How she react and actually afraid to listen to what she have to say. It's not like I'm selfish or what, no ! I'm not, it's just that I don't want Nabila to get hurt and listen to what might hurt her. 
I get very busy with college stuff and start ignoring my life with her.
Nabila Supina, one of the synonym name in high school. We're like so close even one of our friend get very jealous with her. We're like best friend till death on high school. 6 years and 6 months. 

I have t say, I still can't accept what just happened. But I'll try to work on it.

P/s : The worst English grammar ever -.-' sorry