Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not Me,

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, you're so self-absorbed, that you beg for attention, that you want a guy to like you for who you pretend to be, that you need every guy to like you, that you practically starve yourself just fit in with those bunch of girly biatch, that I'm not willing to get drunk, that I'm not willing to be the one who will clean your mess, that you're so desperate to have a life like them, that I'm obesity that I love to eat and sleep, and I'm sorry I'm nothing like you :D
I rather be ugly, fat, friendless and lifeless than having a life like yours :)

My Own Spiderman

remember this hunny ?

As simple as that Hakim, 
You're mine and I'm yours, I'll do anything for you and you'll do the same thing to me.
I can be pain in the ass sometime, but you promise you'll try to hold on to me.
I love you boyfriend.
You're my spiderman hunny <3